Por Expedia Team, el July 23, 2016

7 actividades en Orlando (además de las obvias)

  1. Kennedy Space Center . Live a reunion with that part of you that still wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. Interactive exhibits, giant-screen movies, and the largest collection of astronaut-related objects will take care of expanding the horizons of all visitors.

    space center
    Kennedy Space Center
    December 2011
  2. Gatorland (the land of the alligators). From a three-story tower, you will see more than 200 alligators in action. When you go down, you will be able to see up close the alligator babies, enjoy a show of man against the beast or marvel at the snakes and exotic birds that are in this sanctuary. Gatorland
  3. Pirate’s Dinner Adventure. Pirates battle hand and foot as guns and fireworks explode … and your family is at the center of the action. Enjoy a 3-course meal aboard a replica of a Spanish galleon and take part in this 18th century adventurePirate Dinner Adventure
  4. Hot air balloon ride . Get up early and float over the central Florida landscape, looking out to the coastal wetlands and theme parks in the distance as the sun rises. hot air balloon ride
  5. Accelerate in the Everglades like a true Southerner and stay alert to find alligators, turtles and local birds, while listening to the information your captain offers you about the area. boat in the everglades
  6. Harry P. Leu Gardens See from rugged acacias to mossy oaks in this 20-acre (50-acre) botanical oasis that offers you the perfect pause to relax between one adventure and another. yard
  7. Richard Petty’s Driving Adventure. He climbs out the window into a 600 horsepower stock car and reaches speeds of up to 209 kilometers (130 mi) per hour in a NASCAR-style oval. NASCAR