Por Expedia Team, el February 11, 2013

Top 5 escapadas románticas en México

Top 5 romantic getaways in Mexico

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Mexico is for lovers: the 5 most romantic getaways


Whether you choose for your love of food, art, adventure or shopping, Mexico has the perfect destination for you and your partner. Plan your romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day, honeymoon, or a long weekend today.


Invite your partner for a romantic walk in Mexico City . Visit its historical sites, see the pyramids and landscapes from a hot air balloon and, in the afternoon, a tour of the old book libraries. At night, enjoy an unforgettable dinner at a first-rate restaurant in Colonia Condesa (don’t forget the mezcal!).


A romantic adventure awaits you in the Riviera Maya , you can ride along the 130 kilometers of beach that cover from Cancun to Tulum (the only Mayan city on the coast). They can tour the jungle, the Mayan ruins, go diving, go underwater tourism, rent fishing or sailing boats or even surfboards. Those who wake up early can also witness the departure of the Astro Rey from the beach or underwater. After so much adventure, they can enjoy the sunset relaxing in the privacy of the local beach of a resort. Research the all-inclusive, adult-only resorts on offer in the region.


Away from the crowd, just 45 minutes from Cabo San Lucas, you will find the perfect place for a romantic outing surrounded by art. Rent a car and ride Highway 19 through the desert on the outskirts of the city to Todos Santos . Here they can connect with nature, swim with sea turtles and surf the waves. Top the exit with a show in the ancient theater. Do you need even more inspiration? It is said that in Todos Santos they prepare the best margarita in Baja.


If you are a couple that enjoys historical excursions, in Oaxaca you will find baroque cathedrals, pre-Columbian ruins and beautiful landscapes. The Santo Domingo de Guzmán church was built in the mid-16th century by Dominican friars, and its stained glass windows are worth admiring for their beauty. When you leave there, you can take a cooking class and learn secrets of the world famous Oaxacan gastronomy. Then, in the afternoon, explore the pyramids of Mount Alban. They can give a romantic end to the day walking embraced through the cobbled streets, surrounded by traveling musicians, not forgetting to taste the local mezcal outdoors and pamper your palate with the famous chocolate from Mina Street.