Por Expedia Team, el July 30, 2016

7 experiencias en la Patagonia que frecuentemente se pasan por alto

It is clear that the impressive landscapes of Patagonia attract adventure-loving travelers from all over the world. The beauty of places like the Perito Moreno Glacier, Torres del Paine National Park and Tierra del Fuego is simply unmatched. Furthermore, among these natural wonders there are other fascinating opportunities to explore. Learn about these experiences in Patagonia that are frequently overlooked.


  1. Try the seafood . In proportion, in Argentina more meat is eaten than in almost any other country in the world. And with good reason: its grass-fed cattle ranches produce some of the most delicious steaks in the world. After trying all that meat, you may want to eat something lighter. Fortunately, Patagonia also has a great variety of delicious fish and seafood. Check out the small, family-owned restaurants that frequently offer freshly caught trout in streams that come from glaciers. Or sit in one of the coastal cafes that are famous for their selection of delicious oysters and crabs. seafood dinner
  2. Try the chocolate. The European influence is noticeable in Argentina, with all the baroque architecture, pizzerias and pasta restaurants in the metropolitan areas. That same influence is felt in Patagonia, where Swiss-like landscapes inspired the culture of Bariloche’s alpine adventures. Stop at one of the city’s boutique stores to sample the sweets made by the master chocolatiers and take a cup of hot cocoa to enjoy on the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi.
  3. Meet the penguins. The Argentine coast is the ideal habitat for the adorable Magellanic penguins. Head to Puerto Madryn and stroll along the beach to see them up close. The port is also an excellent place to set sail on a whale watching excursion, where you can observe killer whales and southern right whales. penguins
  4. Panoramic bus ride. Unlike other countries, where bus rides are an ordeal for weary travelers, buses in Argentina are one of the best ways to get around without spending a lot of money. Use the buses on Route 40, which goes from Bariloche to El Calafate, to enjoy a trip with exceptional views and comfortable and convenient transportation between two of the main points of Patagonia. In addition to having good legroom and huge windows, on these trips you will often be able to enjoy reclining seats, delicious food, glasses of wine and televisions with popular movies. panoramic bus ride
  5. Wine tasting. Most Argentine wines come from a very fertile region that is close to Mendoza, in the center of the country. However, in recent years, some daring winemakers have moved south to discover the lands of Patagonia. Stop at one of the new wine companies around Neuquén to sample delicious Malbec and sparkling wine, which is especially good thanks to the region’s cold climate. wine tasting
  6. Stay in a Estancia. Majestic mountains, sapphire blue lakes, and glittering glaciers are the things that usually appear on postcards in Patagonia, and the stunning plains and huge grasslands are often left out. The Estancias are huge ranches that occupy these wonderful landscapes and usually offer unique activities such as horse riding and fly fishing. You can stay in one of these impressive estates to try out the cowboy lifestyle of Patagonia. horse
  7. Sail on the Beagle Channel. The southern tip of South America, where Chile and Argentina meet in a combination of rocky shores, wet hills, and epic ocean winds, remains one of the most impressive sailing spots in the world. Try the experience with an excursion to the waters of the Beagle Channel near the town of Ushuaia. Named after Charles Darwin’s ship, the HMS Beagle , this wild, scenic passage is filled with breathtaking landscapes and specimens you will want to photograph. city ​​in Patagonia


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