Por Expedia Team, el September 3, 2016

CityPASS de Nueva York: ¿Sí o no?

There are several packages and passes designed to help you organize your itinerary, walk around the city and save money during your stay in New York. And are they all good? We are going to review one of them, the CityPASS of New York , to help you decide if it is the best option for you:

The basics

The CityPASS includes admission to the following attractions, plus benefits and additional tickets for most of them:

  1. Empire State Observatory plus a second visit after 10 PM on the same day as your visit
  2. Natural History Museum plus the Rose Center for Earth and Space
  3. Metropolitan Museum of Art plus admission to all special exhibitions and admission in the same week to the Cloister museum and gardens
  4. Guggenheim museum or Top of the Rock viewpoints
  5. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island cruise or an option to choose from Circle Line Semi-Circle cruise, Harbor Lights cruise, Liberty cruise or The Beast speedboat tour
  6. 9/11 monument and museum or Intrepid museum

The brochure (or electronic voucher) also includes coupons, detailed information on attractions (although you may want to use a printed guide or audio guides for your visits) and a city map.


  1. Priority access to most attractions that will allow you to avoid almost all lines. In the city that never sleeps, as the saying goes, time is money. If you use it right, CityPASS offers you double savings, with discounts of up to 41% off normal box office prices for attraction tickets and additional savings from planning time and time spent waiting in line. Waiting for hundreds of tourists for hours (yes, it can be hours) to enter New York’s main attractions is a great waste of time when you’re in a city with so many interesting options. The ability to avoid most lines is an excellent added benefit.
  2. These are first class attractions. The pass includes admission to the city’s most iconic landmarks, world-class museums, and fabulous activities that any visitor to the Big Apple would like to see.
  3. Your pass also includes additional discounts, such as VIP rates for special exhibits at the Natural History Museum. The pass gives you nightly access to the Empire State Building on the same day of your visit, allowing you to return after 10 PM. If you’re having a hard time deciding between visiting the building during the day to enjoy views of the entire city or taking in the lights and glitter of Times Square from above at night, now you can do both. Plus, you’ll receive a 15% discount coupon for the entire day at Bloomingdale’s and get a free gift with your purchase of $ 300 USD or more. Museum of Natural History
  4. The New York CityPASS is valid for 9 days, giving you enough time to visit all the attractions at your own pace, even if you take a few days off from sightseeing and museum visits during your stay. This is also a great option for locals, as the validity period can span 2 full weekends, depending on the day you use it.
  5. The pass offers some flexibility. Instead of visiting the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock to get the most out of your pass, you can trade viewpoint tours for a visit to the Guggenheim. Have you already visited the Statue of Liberty during your previous trip to the Big Apple? You can exchange this visit for a night cruise on the Hudson. Guggenheim


  1. Think carefully about which attractions you want to visit during the time you have available. It’s frustrating to get to the end of a trip and realize that you could have saved a lot of time and money if you had purchased the CityPASS early. Similarly, it is frustrating to pay for something you don’t use. To get the most out of ticket discounts, visit at least 3 or 4 of the listed attractions. For most first-time travelers to NY, this will be easy.
  2. Some of the museums included in the pass offer free admission on certain days of the week or just ask for a suggested donation (such as the Museum of Natural History and the MET, for example). Although we recommend that you pay the full museum entry donation whenever possible (they all do a fantastic job!), If you agree to do a little more work to coordinate museum visits on days of promotion (and withstand the crowds that usually form with free tickets to anything), then some attractions might not be cheaper with CityPASS. MET
  3. “Avoid row” does not necessarily mean “avoid ALL rows”. At the Empire State Building, for example, you will avoid the ticket line but you will have to wait with the rest of the crowd to go up in the elevator to the viewpoint, and the entrance to the port and Top of the Rock cruises is done in order of arrival. Either way, it is in your best interest to organize yourself to arrive early or visit the attractions in the hours of less tourist flow. If you visit Top of the Rock, you can take a discounted tour at Rockefeller Center while you wait. Empire State BuildingTop of the Rock
  4. The visit to the Statue of Liberty does not include the crown or the pedestal. If you want to visit the crown you have to buy a ticket separately, so in that case you should use your CityPASS for a different cruise. If you want to visit the pedestal, come early to get a free ticket, as they are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Statue of Liberty