Por Expedia Team, el September 14, 2015

Dubai y sus excentricidades

It is one of the most impressive cities that exist, where you can find from the most luxurious hotel to the largest building in the world. People who visit Dubai do not come to this place for its great landscapes, nor for its cultural legacy, rather they come there looking for an immense amount of experiences.

That is why this modern and striking site is the largest tourist destination in the Middle East, managing to attract thousands of tourists from various countries.


Among the main attractions of the capital of the United Arab Emirates, we can find the largest shopping center in the world called Dubai Mall . This place has more than 450 shops and also offers a large number of entertainment options including Ski Dubai.


In addition to its modernity, this city offers large and luxurious buildings that can be visited as an attraction. The Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab being some of them.


There are also interesting neighborhoods like  Downtown Dubai with fun attractions and Dubai Marina which is one of the best areas to take a walk and see an exceptional place, the Dubai Aquarium .


But the desert and beaches also count as a tourist attraction, being a dream for most men to be part of the Desert Safari , where drivers unleash the wheel and practice sports driving. But without leaving behind the beautiful sensations of soft and light sand, Al Mamzar Beach Park is a must-stop.


Now you know that if you are looking for a totally different experience you have to give this wonderful city unique in the world a chance.