Por Expedia Team, el April 23, 2016

Guía práctica para visitar una playa nudista: Zipolite

Yes my children, you read correctly! Today I am going to give you a brief guide for you to travel to Zipolite, a nudist beach located at three kilometers from Puerto Ángel, Oaxaca. In this privileged area, they can lose the shame of showing themselves to the world as they are, and being part of the bodies lying in the sun with little or no clothing. Let those who dare go raise their hands!

I start by telling you that Zipolite is the first beach to position itself as a true nudist area in Mexico. According to history, in the 60’s there was a total eclipse of the sun and people gathered near this virgin area to observe it. While the event was taking place, they found out about the existence of the little paradise and decided to enjoy its waters under the influence of its hippie essence: bare.

Belly button

Can you imagine how comforting it is to enjoy the water, the sun and the warmth in such a natural way? This beach is ideal to experience that feeling of well-being and fullness. The best thing is that everyone is on their wave and there is no one to criticize or judge. So … let’s get started!

What to do on a nude beach?

 -Relax on the beach: in this place of golden sand, open sea and intense waves, it is better to have afternoons of contemplation than to go swimming because most of the year the tide is strong. I recommend buying food and drinks in the palapas surrounding Zipolite and lying down to watch its blue waters. Prepare your cameras to take photos of the stunning sunsets!

 -Live the bohemian nights: when the sun goes down the atmosphere is delicious because everything becomes even more hippie and relaxed. On its main street – the only cobblestone street in Zipolite – you will find some little bars and many artists doing street shows. There are several places and restaurants that offer live music and groups such as Doors , Janis Joplin , Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin rumble along the walls . In the palapas, the party is also good and they organize bonfires with dances and bongos. I recommend Posada México, a restaurant and hostel located on the beach shore where very good musicians and even acrobats perform.


 -Meet Shambhala: This site is a small ceremonial center located on top of a Zipolite hill; It is also known as the “Hill of Meditation”. Here tourists come to have spiritual encounters and be in contact with nature. They organize activities with healers and healing experts.

 -Visit the surroundings: if you stay for several days in Zipolite, go to San Agustinillo, a small town located a few kilometers away where you can surf and on days when the tide is not high, swim. Be sure to go to Mazunte to spend an afternoon there and on the way up to Punta Cometa, the most salient mountain of Mexico in the South Pacific where you climb to see incredible sunsets or discover beaches that are hidden among huge rocks.

Also take the opportunity to visit the beaches of Puerto Ángel such as La Boquilla, a secret and intimate site; in this area it is possible to practice snorkeling or kayaking. If you want to eat very fresh seafood, I suggest Bahía Camarón and Playa Camarones.


-Take a tour: while they are walking or sunning themselves, it is likely that some people will approach them to offer group tours to see places near Zipolite aboard boats. They are recommended tours because, in addition to being economical, they allow you to observe virgin landscapes and epic sunsets.

* Tip: do not forget to observe the sky because the nights are starry and unrepeatable.

How to get to Zipolite?

If you are leaving from Mexico City, it is best to fly to Huatulco airport (located 45 km away). Round tickets are very good prices this season; there are some of up to $ 2,500 pesos. Once you arrive in Huatulco, take a taxi or bus to Pochutla (the closest city to Zipolite).

Where to Stay in Zipolite?

 In Zipolite there are no big hotels because it is a semi-virgin area. Throughout the beach there are many palapas and small hotels. I suggest Biuzaa Cabins , they are fresh and spacious cabins. The site is distinguished by its privacy and beach-style elegance. It is an ideal corner to settle in with your partner!

The atmosphere, the party, the bohemia and the tranquility that exists in Zipolite are magical. The best thing is that it is a cheap beach with a great offer of lodging and many activities to do. Now that you know all the details of how, when, where, etc … enjoy this open-mouthed paradise and run freely on the beach. Yes, I said “freely”.