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Huatulco, un paraíso para la vista y el cuerpo

When the time comes to vacation, many sports lovers decide to travel to extreme sports in Oaxaca. There, in addition, many people decide to extend their trips specifically to Huatulco, where the most common questions such as “what to do, what to see” tend to resolve themselves. To start, Huatulco, Mexico is a paradise come true. From its beaches with emerald and transparent water, to its mountains with its fast rivers and vertiginous falls, fresh water wells, waterfalls, in short, Huatulco is, without a doubt, the ideal place to spend a honeymoon or go out of adventures. Its natural beauty is unmatched. What to do in Huatulco is a very broad question, since you can do everything, but let’s start with the water.


Huatulco, without a doubt is an excellent place to visit, it has attractions for all kinds of people. You can enjoy from its 9 bays to one of its 36 beautiful beaches such as the wonderful Playa La Conexión , where you can enjoy seeing its various marine species. For those who are looking for a great adventure and love adrenaline, Huatulco has excellent places to enjoy all those great experiences.



When it comes to rafting, the first thing to consider is teamwork. Facing the rapids of the Copalita River is an unforgettable lesson in this matter. Of course, before any group ventures to launch like pirates through the rapids, the safety lessons and the previous class with instructions are mandatory. During the journey through the Copalco River, in addition to facing rocks and waterfalls, people will be able to enjoy birds and animals in their natural habitat and the possibility of bathing in clay (good languages ​​say that it is an ideal treatment for the skin). In addition, those who enjoy water that does not move at speeds similar to those of a roller coaster can enjoy its beaches, islets or, even better, coral reefs. On the reefs, diving lovers immerse themselves in an incredible world of colors, fish and even crabs. In San Agustín Bay, people can dive in a sunken ship, where a large number of fish species live. In addition, all beaches have beautiful crystal clear water ideal for jet-skiing or kayaking.

kayaking in Huatulco, Mexico
Kayak on the beach.
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A great option for adrenaline lovers in Huatulco is to rappel. Many people love to climb walls … Well, nowadays there are quite a few who do not enjoy going up, but going down (Crazy? Maybe, but they do know how to enjoy life). In Huatulco, people can visit three places: Punta Celeste del Parque Botazoo, Piedra de Moros and Cascadas de Copalitilla. That is to say, the intention is to climb, tie a rope around the waist, scream Geronimo as in the great movies and descend at fast speeds from walls 45 meters high, with 100-degree inclinations, and even a waterfall that makes doubly difficult lowered due to wet wall. Who said just going up was fun?



horseback riding in Mexico
A horse ride.

Sometimes the adrenaline rush makes people want to spend even a quiet day. That is why, and thanks to the beautiful geography of Huatulco, which even has tropical jungles, many people choose horse riding tours. Although it is not exactly an extreme sport, what is extreme is the beauty of the landscape that you can explore. We are talking about places inaccessible with cars, pure jungle with its fauna and flora and all the beauty that goes with it. One of the most recommended circuits is the one that crosses the jungle to reach the Copalita River, where people can gallop in the sand and enjoy a paradisiacal sunset. For motorcycle lovers there are also ATV rides. Although they are not exactly the same due to the difference in wheels (four wheels, two wheels, does matters? They all speed up!), People have the possibility to visit virgin beaches or play in the dunes with the wind running through their hair and, at the same time, obtaining the perfect tan that only the happiness of the beaches achieves.


Created in collaboration with the Huatulco Municipal Tourism Office .