Por Expedia Team, el March 23, 2015

Itinerarios de Nuevo Vallarta: Rutas para todos los gustos

To know what to do in Nuevo Vallarta, you can search and search, but in the Expedia.mx Blog we give you the best suggestions of the most representative attractions of this city. Find a selection of things to do in Nuevo Vallarta with routes for all tastes. It is simple, we want to make your trip easier and that you really enjoy it if you approach this destination. Keep in mind that these recommendations are tailored to the number of days you have to visit Nuevo Vallarta. To organize yourself well and take advantage of every second of your time, read carefully and choose your itinerary.

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  • Marine parks


Marietas Islands
The Marietta Islands, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Flickr / Creative Commons / Christian Frausto Bernal / Via / https: //flic.kr/p/fhbkvT

You arrive in Nuevo Vallarta to start your vacation and you can’t wait to discover what this beautiful city has to offer. You leave your bags at the hotel, rest a bit and get ready to go exploring. As a resort, Nuevo Vallarta is characterized by its beautiful beaches and enormous gastronomic offer. You can start with a day at the beach in Mismaloya, a small beach of only 250 meters but with stunning natural beauty. Here you can rest on the sand, drink cocktails or practice water skiing. In Mismaloya you will also find a small zoo and a botanical garden with native flora and fauna species.

On your second day, we suggest you visit Punta de Mita. With ten kilometers of dazzling white beaches and crystal clear waters, this bay is a great option to spend the day lounging on the sand, enjoying local food or enjoying a spa service. Characterized by its high-level tourism, Punta Mita has golf courses and high-class restaurants to feel the true luxury of Mexican tourism.

It is your third day in Nuevo Vallarta and you cannot miss this wonder of nature: the hidden beach of the Marietta Islands. This amazing beach is literally inside a cavern, product of the detonations made in the area many years ago. The result is a hidden paradise of crystal clear water and white sand inside a cavern from which you can see the sky. An unmissable experience.


Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puerto Vallarta
Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Photo by Another Believer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
On your fourth day you can visit the Marina de Vallarta, an exclusive area of ​​Puerto Vallarta where you will find a wide range of restaurants and specialized shops, as well as a beautiful boardwalk with a beautiful view to explore during the afternoon. In addition, you can visit the Faro de la Marina, a beautiful lighthouse from which you can take some beautiful photos of the bay. Upstairs you will also find the lighthouse bar, where you can sit and watch the sunset having a delicious coffee.

On your fifth day you can visit the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta, which begins at the Hotel Rosita, the oldest in the city, and ends at Los Arcos de Piedra. You can tour the Lázaro Cárdenas Park, or take a guided tour among the sculptures that adorn the boardwalk. Here you will also find the Voladores de Papantla, five voladores in typical costumes who climb 15-meter poles and throw themselves tied to a rope to the sound of the flute; This is part of a 1500-year-old religious ritual in central Mexico, and flyers today portray it for tips.


Vallarta Marina
Vallarta Marina, Mexico. Photo by Flickr / Creative Commons / Mike / Via / https: //flic.kr/p/7iaKG7

You have decided to stay two more days in Nuevo Vallarta and for your sixth day we recommend that you visit the famous Plaza de Armas. Every city in Mexico has a Plaza near the center that, for generations, has served as a meeting place to hang out, have dinner, make or observe art and participate in cultural traditions. There you can enjoy meals, artistic events and even tour the traditional market that invariably surrounds it. It is the ideal place to interact with the locals and spend a relaxed day. In addition, we recommend that you visit the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This church was built with a neoclassical style and Renaissance towers. Its construction began in 1903 and had to stop in 1926, when a conflict between the Church and the State openly broke out, the famous Cristero War, which ended in 1929. In 1965 a beautiful crown was placed on its main tower, adorned with figures of angels and an exquisite artistic detail in its elaboration. Construction finished in 1987 under the supervision of Father Ramírez, leaving as a testament this beautiful building that mixes neoclassical, quasi-baroque and slightly Renaissance styles.

You have reached your last day in Nuevo Vallarta and, to say goodbye in a big way, we recommend that you visit the Los Arcos Marine Park. This place, cataloged in 1984 as a Marine National Park, is located to the south of the Bahía de las Banderas and is a wonderful place to dive and snorkel. It is located between the Mismaloya and Las Gemelas beaches and there you can enjoy caves, deep tunnels, arches and reefs of impressive size and color. Its depth varies between 9 and 480 meters. You will be able to observe from silly birds and parakeets to a great diversity of marine fauna.

What have you most enjoyed on your vacation to Nuevo Vallarta ?