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Itinerarios de San Miguel de Allende: Rutas para todos los gustos

To know what to do in San Miguel de Allende, you can search and search, but on the Expedia.mx Blog we give you the best suggestions of the most representative attractions of this city. Find a selection of things to do in San Miguel de Allende with routes for all tastes. It is simple, we want to make your trip easier and that you really enjoy it if you approach this destination. Keep in mind that these recommendations are adapted to the number of days you have to visit San Miguel de Allende. To organize yourself well and take advantage of every second of your time, read carefully and choose your itinerary.

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virgin canada
Glen of the Virgin, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Photo by Roseknopp (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
You have arrived in San Miguel de Allende, you leave the suitcases at your hotel , and we want to invite you to spend your first day on a special tour. First, we recommend that you visit the Temple of Health. This church, built in the Churrigueresque style, has a façade adorned by a blue and yellow dome and a large figure in the shape of a seashell, as well as a beautiful front statuette and a striking bell tower. From there, we invite you to visit the Oratory of San Felipe de Neri. This church dates from the 18th century and was built in the Baroque style with a great indigenous influence.

Inside it you can enjoy a painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe made by the painter Miguel Cabrera, 33 oil paintings that show scenes from the life of San Felipe de Neri and, in the dressing room (the chapel that is behind the main church) you will find six elaborate baroque altars. In one of them you can see the wax figure of Saint Columbanus, which supposedly contains his bones.

It is your second day in San Miguel de Allende and we invite you to visit the Main Garden. This square is known as the heart of San Miguel de Allende and from there you can get a view of the towers of the San Miguel church and the arches of colonial buildings. It is the ideal place to spend quality time with friends, a place created to relax in tune with the notes of the musicians who bring atmosphere from the central square and the traditional parades that follow each other. Then you can go to the Ignacio Allende House Museum. This person was a hero of the Mexican insurgency and this was his birthplace.

On your third day, we recommend that you visit the Cañada de la Virgen archaeological zone. It is a pre-Hispanic settlement where you can discover how the cultures of the time observed the sky. Its urban design is a reflection of the fundamental celestial cycles for the subsistence of the farmers of the time. This place saw its apogee between the years 600 and 900 after Christ.


The Corner Museum
The corner museum, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Eneas De Troya de México (La mexicaneidad Uploaded by russavia) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
You have decided to stay two more days in this beautiful city and, to start your fourth day, we recommend an unusual but necessary visit for anyone who wants to know the culture of the place. We are talking about La Esquina, a museum of the Mexican popular toy. This beautiful modern museum presents us with a collection of 50 years made by the owner of the museum, Angélica Tijerina. But it goes far beyond that mere description, its objective is to preserve the tradition of toys from different regions of Mexico.

You will find plastic, fabric, wooden and even wheat toys. It is an ideal place to visit with both young children and adults.
Your fifth day dawns in San Miguel de Allende and we invite you to visit the Plaza Cívica. This space dates back to 1555 and was the hub of activity and commerce for the locals at their peak. There you can enjoy the statue of Ignacio de Allende and, if possible, visit the former school of San Francisco de Sales, the cradle of some heroes of Mexican independence. Then you can head to the Temple of the Third Order. This building was built in the early 17th century by the first Franciscans. Simple in appearance, it remains a testament to the history of the place.


Wall Painting in School of Fine Arts
Paintings at the School of Fine Arts, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Photo by Thelmadatter (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Since it is not enough to have five days to relax in such a splendid city, you have decided to stay two more days. On your sixth day, we recommend that you visit the School of Fine Arts. Originally, this building was a monastery of the La Concepción church, but was converted into a school of fine arts in 1938 and classes are still held today. There you can enjoy the murals of Pedro Martínez and the unfinished mural of David Alfaro Siqueiros. In addition, you can enjoy exhibitions of contemporary art.

You have reached your last day in San Miguel de Allende. For this day, we recommend that you visit the El Charco del Ingenio botanical garden. This botanical garden has an extension of 1.5 kilometers and works as a sanctuary for flora and fauna, in addition to being a recreational and ceremonial space. You will be able to follow magnificent paths of cacti and native plants, discover a canyon with fresh thermal waters (the famous Charco del Ingenio). You can also visit the Conservatory of Mexican Plants and, if the dates coincide, go to the monthly full moon ceremonies that take place.

What will you most enjoy on your  vacation to San Miguel de Allende ?