Por Expedia Team, el September 10, 2016

Las mejores 10 actividades de playa

During the winter months or cloudy days, we all dream of spending fabulous summer days in the Pacific. There are plenty of fun activities for the rest of the year, but best of all are summer days on sunny beaches. If you have been to the beach many times, have built all the possible sandcastles and have already stopped making attempts with the kite (you’re right, it’s very complicated!), Here are 10 unusual beach activities that will guarantee you a good fun time in the sun.

  1. Paragliding in Key West: Soar into the sky with a friend on a high-altitude tandem ride, swinging your feet over the waters of the Florida Keys. You might even see some groups of dolphins jumping along the shoreline. parasailing in Key West
  2. Cancun Breathing Observation Bubbles (BOB) Adventure : Stroll below the surface of the Caribbean in a BOB and enjoy this unusual way of looking at the marine life of the Chitales reef. BOB
  3. Surf lessons in Surfers Paradise: This must be the place with the most appropriate name to learn to surf like a professional.
  4. Surfers ParadiseFlyboarding in Los Cabos: If you want to free your inner Iron Man, flyboarding is the right sport for you. You can float above the surface of the water as powerful jets of water propel you upward, or flaunt your superpowers with spins, dives, and dives. Flyboarding in Los Cabos
  5. Underwater tandem scooter ride in Bali: You will look cute in the seat of a two person underwater tandem scooter … right? Although this may seem a little strange, we bet it’s a great experience and a way to keep the romance afloat (ha!) During your trip to Bali.
  6. Swim with Sharks on Oahu: This close encounter with the beasts of the deep is an aquatic adventure for the most daring and will test your courage in the safety of a metal cage. Swim with sharks on Oahu
  7. Sail in Costa Rica: The fresh sea breeze, the wind in your favor and a fully-stocked minibar on deck … this is pure life , folks. This is pure lifeSail in Costa Rica
  8. Explore the sea caves in Mallorca: Carved by thousands of years of strong waves and coastal weather patterns, the rocky coast of Mallorca is full of intriguing sea caves and underground bodies of water. Go past the island’s white-sand beaches to catch a glimpse of these labyrinthine passageways filled with underground cavities for swimming. Sail in Costa Rica
  9. Miami Beach Watersports Package: Why choose only one beach activity if you can do 5? With this adrenaline-packed package, you can participate in activities such as parasailing, jet skiing and flyboarding, and then relax with a kayak ride or a paddle surfboard. Miami Beach watersports package
  10. Beach chair rental in Maui: Because when you are on the beach, relaxation is an official sport (just like drinking piña coladas). Beach chair rentals on Maui