Por Expedia Team, el October 1, 2016

Las mejores 10 actividades en Miami

This is our selection of the 10 best activities to do from sunrise to sunset during your stay in the southernmost metropolis of Florida.

The exciting city of Miami is also known as the Magic City, and the nickname is perfect for you when you think of everything it has to offer, from the sand and sun in Biscayne Bay to the creature-filled waters of the Everglades, the colorful glamor at South Beach Art Deco style, and traditional music with delicious Cuban dishes from Little Havana.

  1. Get to know the Everglades: you will find alligators, flamingos and turtles … oh dear! Head to the Everglades to get an up-close look at the animals that live in this spooky habitat. Sail through the swamps on a hydrofoil , explore the wetlands with a private guide, or practice observation with a photo tour that will guarantee encounters with all kinds of creatures, from manatees to exotic birds. Everglades
  2. Relax in Key West: Immerse yourself in the Caribbean style of the southernmost tip of the United States with a trip to Key West , where you can explore the piece of paradise that has seduced famous people like Ernest Hemingway with its tropical coasts and exotic since colonial times. You can focus on shopping and sightseeing, or combine your ride with a fun water activity like a glass-bottom boat tour, a snorkeling excursion on a coral reef, or a high-altitude parasailing ridekey West
  3. Party in the city of heat : Miami’s nightlife is full of attractive options, so get ready to dance and go out at night to enjoy the mojitos and have a good time in the best nightclubs in the city. nightclub in Miami
  4. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: With Italian-style gardens, the sumptuous mansion, and Biscayne Bay scenery, this beautifully-kept property from the early 1900s is worth a visit. If you visit it at sunset, you’ll have a photo opportunity even more impressive at this iconic Coconut Grove landmark. Vizcaya museum and gardens
  5. Enjoy a safari at the Jungle Island Zoo: With tropical trails through ape-filled forests, the serpentine on the boardwalk, and a wide variety of creatures, from white-headed marmosets to penguins, Jungle Island is an attraction filled with animals that visitors of all ages can enjoy. For an even more special experience, take the VIP tour, which takes you on a private safari, or interact with the bright-eyed lemurs in an interactive encounterwhite-headed marmoset in Miami
  6. Visit Little Havana: Immerse yourself in the Cuban culture of Miami with a visit to this enthusiastic and vibrant area , recognized for its food full of flavors, its warm atmosphere and its lively music and dance scene. You can smoke a cigar, drink a Cuban coffee or play a round of dominoes with the locals while you follow the Latin rhythm of this colorful enclave. cigar shop in Little Havana
  7. Get active: Take advantage of the sun and the heat to go out and explore the city and exercise at the same time. Rent a bicycle (or an electric bicycle ) to pedal around the city, feel the adrenaline with the exciting water sports such as water skiing or tubing, or take a more relaxed approach when going out on a paddle surfboard , a kayak , a rowboat , or even a guided fishing charter. wakeboard in Miami
  8. Enjoy the gastronomy of the city: From the Cuban flavors of Little Havana to the luxurious restaurants of South Beach and the seafood restaurants that are on the coast, there are all kinds of delicious dishes that you must try in Miami. Take a tour of South Beach to sample everything from empanadas to ceviche, sample famous dishes at some of Miami’s most famous local restaurants, or complete the art tour of a walk through Wynwood with a tapas feast at trendy coffee shops. eat in Miami
  9. Discover the Art Deco neighborhood: When visiting South Beach, take in the panorama of geometric buildings with pastel hues on Ocean Drive. This picturesque neighborhood was the first to earn the nomination for a Historic District of the United States in the 20th century, and has the largest concentration of whimsical architecture from the 1920s and 1930s in the world. Step past purple mansions and flavored ice cream-toned hotels on a guided bike tour, or hop aboard a Segway to enjoy these fabulous retro designs in an aptly futuristic way. art deco
  10. Stop to smell the roses: The Miami Beach Botanical Garden boasts over a hectare of flower-filled tranquility and offers you a serene escape from the busy environment of the city and its beaches. A little further, the historical wonder of the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden stretches for several kilometers full of horticulture, where you can find one of the largest collections of palm trees in the world.