Por Expedia Team, el March 16, 2013

Las siete maravillas del mundo: Taj Mahal

Have you ever wondered which is the most representative building in India? Without a doubt, the answer that everyone would give immediately is the Taj Mahal . This wonderful complex of buildings, located in the city of Agra, in the north of the country, never goes unnoticed. So much so that it was recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site and is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, such as Chichén Itzá  , the Great Wall of China  and The Roman Coliseum. Majestic, elegant and extremely particular, the Taj Mahal awakens the five senses and conquers tourists who visit it forever, many in search of a very special spirituality, and others just eager to discover a fundamental piece of international architecture.

Travel to Agra, a city of extreme contrasts, and you can reach the Taj Mahal on foot, by bicycle or on board special motorcycle taxis, with permission to circulate in the area. However, it is not possible to take any other type of vehicle, to avoid contamination. Choose the time of day you prefer to see the mausoleum. In the morning, the place is almost empty, and you can live a magical experience of solitude and fulfillment in this special place. In the afternoon, you will see a wonderful contrast: thousands of women wear brightly colored saris that perfectly converge with the masterful white of the Taj Mahal. At sunset, you can take the perfect postcard with the sun on the horizon. Later, return to your hotel ( list of hotels in Agra) to get the most rest after a day you will never forget!

Taj Mahal - 7 wonders of the world

Begin your journey abroad. See the symmetrical, Muslim-style garden with a central canal surrounded by trees. See how the mausoleum is perfectly reflected in the water, in an optical illusion. The most convenient thing is to pay a visit with a local guide, who will tell you the secrets, details and myths of the temple. According to the story, the Muslim  emperor Shah Jahan of the Mughal dynasty  ordered the construction of the Taj Mahal in honor of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal., who died in childbirth of his fourteenth daughter. Its construction took more than 20 years and for this 20,000 workers were hired. Different types of architectural styles were combined. Pay attention to distinguish the features of Islamists, Persians, Turks and the architecture of India.

Prepare to enter the building and discover its interior. Look at the marble walls with inlaid gemstones, allowing natural light to filter in. Tour the different rooms, and see its high ceilings and symmetrical architecture. Discover all the corners, secrets and curiosities of a building that captivates everyone. Whether for its peculiar architectural features, its romantic history, the legends it contains or the cultural characteristics so different from Western civilizations, you will always remember your time at the Taj Mahal.