Por Expedia Team, el March 11, 2016

Los mejores roadtrips para Semana Santa

Easter is just around the corner and didn’t you buy plane tickets on time? Do you think you ran out of plans and are giving you anxiety? That happened to me several times. Do you trust yourself or say “nah! I don’t go out at Easter because there are many people ”and the closer the day gets, the more you regret not having planned anything. If you think that can happen to you, keep reading.

I share three roadtrip plans to enjoy incredible places near Mexico City, we are still on time!

 Step no. 1: Rent a car (or borrow your dad)

Step no. 2: Choose a plan according to what you want most:


The best roadtrips for Easter – Near the DF: Hidalgo, Querétaro and Guanajuato

First stop: Tula de Allende, Hidalgo . We travel all over the world and take photos of monuments that we don’t understand, but why don’t we meet the Atlanteans of Tula? or any destination within Mexico . Majestic basaltic stone sculptures almost five meters high that represent Toltec warrior leaders. In the archaeological zone of Tula there are also pyramids, a ball game and the famous Palacio Quemado. All this 93 km from Mexico City. Continuing with the roadtrip, we traveled a little further north for an hour and a half and reached Tequisquiapan, Querétaro. Pueblo Mágico, better known as Tequis (no teques) that stands out for its Temple of Our Lady of the Assumption, a neoclassical church with white quarry that I see pink … and its hot springs. Personally, I recommend the chilaquiles de mole in the “La Charamusca” restaurant, very close to the main square and very busy, even on rainy days. Leaving Tequis, on the way to Bernal, you will find several vineyards. If you have time, take a specialized tour called the cheese and wine route! Another obligatory stop is Bernal , it does not take long, although you could stay several days there (it is also Pueblo Mágico). If you are lucky and the sky is clear you will be able to see the Peña de Bernal.Third largest monolith in the world! A monolith is a stone and ours follows in size the Sugar Loaf of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. This roadtrip is very good! Let’s go now for a mezcal to Santiago de Querétaro , the official name of the capital of Querétaro. To travel it we would need a complete post but I did this roadtrip and I couldn’t resist the desire to know the city. I passed by its famous aqueduct and had delicious quesadillas (beef jerky, suckling pig and green chorizo) at GAD, a restaurant that is actually called “Gracias A Dios”. And to close with a flourish and spend a couple of nights, may our holy week end in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato! To eat, do not miss the delicacies of the Ignacio Ramírez Market, a delicious mango water and the best Mexican dishes you can imagine. To buy, the Crafts Market. One of the largest and most varied I have ever known. I wanted to buy everything! For walking, its center and its incredible neo-Gothic cathedral built by a master builder who did not know about architecture, Don Zeferino Gutiérrez. To learn more about the history of the city, I recommend a tourist tour. You value the place you are in much more.

Atlanteans of Tula
Atlantes de Tula, Hidalgo

The best roadtrips for Easter – “Hippie plan”: Michoacán

Why “hippie” plan? I feel that for these courses, not many people go, only those with a more colorful soul. Our final destination will be Pátzcuaro but on the way we will make a stop in Tlalpujahua de Rayón . This magical town is known for its Christmas blown glass spheres, I know that there is a long way to go for Christmas but a good idea to decorate the tree could be a memory of all the places you have visited in the world, don’t you think? Why not, a Tlalpujahua sphere. I also recommend the sightseeing tour to learn about the history behind its monuments, you could visit the Brockman Dam or eat delicious food in its main square. From a small town we go to a city, to Morelia, the capital of Michoacán. Here as in all, I recommend eating but especially going out at night. Near Morelia is Lake Zirahuen , where if they have the opportunity they can rent a cabin and spend the night. Is incredible! Further ahead is Pátzcuaro . One more magical town on the list that is distinguished by the Purépecha culture that lives on in its language, crafts and gastronomy (such as the Corundas). If you want to know its main corners, take note: House of the eleven patios (dates from 1942), Museum of Popular Arts and Industries and the Iturbide Mansion. The most important and recommended thing is to take a boat and cross to the Janitzio Island where there is a gigantic statue of Morelos. Here you must return for day of the dead!

Bonus point: Tzintzuntzan archaeological zone (as in the Café Tacvba “Chica Banda” song) just 15 km from Pátzcuaro.

Janitzio, Pátzcuaro

The best roadtrips for Easter  – “Plan Playa”: Tuxpan Veracruz

 Recently, in my need to go to the beach for my birthday and avoid driving to Acapulco for hours, I started to investigate and found out that the closest beach to Mexico City is in Tuxpan, Veracruz. How? They recently finished a road with a beautiful bridge that takes you straight in less than three hours. The truth is that on that occasion they took me by surprise to Bacalar (ha!) So I could not go to Tuxpan but I have relatives from Veracruz and they sold me the idea of ​​knowing it as “it is a magical town with a beach”. So and with the promise that there will be musical events on the beach at Easter, I would not miss it. In Tuxpan there are also mangroves, the Tuxpan River , where you can take a boat ride and the Isla de los Lobos, very close to the Tuxpan beach that looks like a wonderful island. In addition, Tuxpan is famous for its sunsets.


Three rare options for Easter that are worth it. Many times we overlook emblematic places in our country for going to what we already know. In case you feel like going to the beach, I share this guide for traveling with your family.