Por Expedia Team, el September 30, 2016

Los Museos más divertidos del mundo

There are two types of people in this world: those who calculate and budget for museums on their trips, and those who get bored in museums and prefer to spend on other things. For both, this post may work.

If you are addicted to museums, you have to check this list, either because they are rare or simply because you don’t want to.

Now, if you are often bored by museums but want to get home with a little knowledge without having a bad time, then how about a museum under the sea? Or a museum of noodles? Let’s get out of the routine and visit the funniest museums in the world!

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The World’s Funniest Museums – Science Museum in London

One of the wonders of this city is that all its museums are free. One of the must-see stops in the South Kensington area is the Science Museum, which only in the space area has parts of a real space shuttle, as well as a replica of a ship that landed on the moon. There are samples of astronaut food and a real suit from a space mission. There are biometric games, which recognize your irises, fingerprints, the shape of your face, etc. Finally, the cross section of a Boing 747 is something that will stay in your memory forever!

World’s Funniest Museums – Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun, Mexico

Is there anything more fun than going to a museum under water?  The underwater museum of the Mexican Caribbean is located between the coasts of Cancun and Isla Mujeres and is one of the strangest places in Mexico . Today it has 455 statues, among which are: The Cross of the Bay, Man on Fire, The Collector of Dreams, Bacab, etc. The best thing is that around these sculptures you will see schools of fish, turtles, rays and more marine animals.

World’s Funniest Museums – Museum of Bad Art in  Massachusetts, USA

The museum of “bad art” is responsible for collecting all those works considered “bad” and giving them a space for at least someone out there to appreciate. They say that the works are so bad that they become good ha! I do not know, but out of curiosity I would enter. How about there the next Picasso?

The funniest museums in the world – Noodle museum in Tokyo

Well everything in this life has its own history and instant noodles are not far behind. What’s more, their history is so interesting that there is a museum about them in Tokyo. They tell you about how the idea of ​​the famous instant soups was conceived, you can take photos on walls full of it and the evolution of its packaging, and of course, try it. would you go?

Noodle Museum in Japan
Noodle Museum in Japan Photo: www.cupnoodles-museum.jp

The funniest museums in the world – Sex museum in Amsterdam

Not forgetting that Amsterdam is much more than sex, drugs, and cheese. I tell you about the first and oldest sex museum in the world. They find it in the center of the city by the name of Venustemple, and they will find an extensive collection of paintings, photographs and other erotic images belonging to the owners of the museum. The goal is to explore aspects of love throughout history. And of course, break with stigmas regarding this topic. Nothing to do with the Louvre, right?

Sex Museum in Amsterdam
Sex Museum in Amsterdam

We do not leave Moma, Guggenheim, or Orsay behind. We simply open up the horizons of what we know as a common museum to accommodate the world’s funniest museums.