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Siguiendo a la Selección Mexicana en la Copa América Centenario

This week a very important sporting event that was not seen in the area will begin, since the 1994 World Cup was held, we refer to the Copa América Centenario.

For those who are familiar with soccer, they will know that the Copa América, being a tournament organized by CONMEBOL , takes place only in South America; But this time, as a special edition, because 100 years have passed since the tournament began, it will be held in the United States.

And if you are one of those who soccer is not exactly their favorite activity or entertainment, the fair can also be an excellent reason for you to plan a next trip, especially if it is about following the Mexican National Team.


You could take the entire Tricolor tour of the first phase as a trip in itself or you could also go to one of its matches and take advantage of the tourist attractions that the host city has to offer.

June 5, Mexico-Paraguay in Glendale Arizona

Ours will begin activities next Sunday, June 5, when they face their Paraguayan counterpart at the University of Phoenix Stadium, in Glendale, Arizona.

Although obviously the central theme will be being able to witness the game against the Guarani, there are also several activities and places that are worth considering in the city.

What to do in Phoenix Arizona?

As I mentioned at the beginning, the game will be in Glendale, a city outside Phoenix, approximately 20 kilometers, that is, practically together. The flights are around $ 9,000.00 pesos round trip.

Among what we recommend to do during your visit, is to visit the city of Scottsdale, where you can enjoy Old Town Scottsdale, an area of ​​the city where the facades of the Old West are preserved in establishments ranging from boutiques, souvenir shops , restaurants, antique shops, and bars, to banks and post offices.

A little further north, even in Scottsdale, there is an excellent place to go shopping, we mean Fashion Square, a shopping center where you find department stores, as well as some more exclusive ones by renowned designers.

As far as the city of Phoenix is ​​concerned, a walk through downtown is the ideal way to appreciate the buildings that make up the financial and corporate center of the city, and well, if you are in this sport, you will surely want to also know the places where the other local teams play in professional leagues, such as the Diamondbacks, who play at Chase Field, and the Phoenix Suns, which are home to the US Airways Center, both practically in the center.

If you have the time, and you decide to rent a car , then you should include in your itinerary a visit to the Grand Canyon , just this year the centennial of the United States National Park Service is celebrated, if you want to know a little more about these natural wonders you I recommend reading this post by Mariel de Viaje . The journey is approximately 3 hours, and it goes without saying that you will see one of the greatest natural spectacles on the planet.

Grand Canyon
Grand canyon national park

Lodging near Phoenix

In case you are no longer finding accommodation in the Glendale area, due to the high demand there will be, you can also consider looking for hotels in Scottsdale , it is relatively close and you can also easily go to the places we recommend.

June 9, Mexico-Jamaica in Pasadena California

For the National Team, playing in the Los Angeles area is practically like playing at home, the Rose Bowl stadium is a field that is given to the team, and in which they have already been able to celebrate the victory on several occasions.

The rival in turn for the second match will be an acquaintance of the region, since they also play in CONCACAF. The Jamaicans will try to hamper the aspirations of the selected ones, who will surely see this match as one of those forced to win in the group.

Where to go near Los Angeles?

Going to Los Angeles, either for the first time or for a repeated occasion, represents a good opportunity to visit one of the following places:

  • Universal Studios.- Being close to the mecca of cinema requires going to the famous Universal studios. It will never go out of style to be close to the movie television sets that many of us grew up watching on film and television, and of course, to be able to get on the new attractions with all the visual and sound effects that we find these days.
  • Whether you travel as a family or on your own, the “Happiest Place on Earth” will always bring smiles from both young and old. Relive your childhood memories or create new moments with your children by visiting Disneyland in Anaheim .
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame.- It never hurts to make sure that your favorite celebrities are on this famous walk of the stars on Hollywood Blvd.
  • Santa Monica.- A beach getaway doesn’t hurt anyone. With Summer just around the corner, you can already enjoy the sea breeze and socializing with people during a tour of the beach. Also, walking streets such as Ocean Avenue and the Third Street Promenade promise to spend a pleasant afternoon, visiting its shops and restaurants.
  • Staples Center .- The home of the NBA teams, the Lakers and the Clippers is a place that you cannot miss if you are a sports lover.
Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California

For lodging, you might consider looking for hotels in Pasadena itself, Glendale, or Burbank.

June 13, Mexico-Venezuela in Houston Texas

The party with which the national team will close the first round will be against their counterpart from Venezuela. If you have not yet made plans to attend any of the matches, this could be your best alternative to do so now. This is because the city offers several alternatives to stay, in addition to the flights from Mexico City to Houston are usually not very expensive because it is a fairly commercial route between both cities.

What to see in Houston?

The game will be played at the spectacular NRG Stadium, the home of the NFL Texans, which is located not far from downtown, so a visit to the financial center should be included during your visit.

The Galleria Mall

People from all over the world come to this shopping center with the sole purpose of making purchases. In it you will find various establishments, including the famous designer clothing stores that attract the attention of those who like to go on shopping trips.

A few meters from the shopping center, is the Water Wall, a gigantic artificial waterfall that serves as the main ornament of Gerald D. Hines Park, a nice “natural” attraction in a way, within the huge concrete jungle that is Houston .

Houston Texas

NASA Johnson Space Center

One of our favorite places in Houston is undoubtedly this NASA Space Center, which is open to public visits, and has, among several of its attractions, being able to see the facilities of the space agency up close. Vehicles and facilities that were once operational can be seen, but there is also access to sections where research work is currently being carried out for future missions.

In this place you will spend at least half the day quite entertaining, recommended for both children and adults.

If all goes well for the Tri-color team during the group stage, the tournament will continue for them either in Seattle, Washington on June 16, or in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Day 17. It all depends if they rank first or second. And the rivals that would touch him would leave the group from Argentina, Chile, Panama and Bolivia.

Let’s hope that they do very well and that they go very far in this Copa América Centenario .