Por Expedia Team, el July 29, 2016

5 atracciones exóticas ¿te atreves a visitarlas?

I think the sun affected us and we became a little obsessed with the beach and pure paradisiacal destinations in the summer, but for those who are already a little tired of the heat, I have five exotic attractions that every adrenaline junkie and traveler must know.

China. Glass bridge.

At over 430 meters long and six meters wide, the world’s largest drawbridge has just been opened in China. Wait, I need a little detail about this bridge: it is glass and it hangs at a height of 300 meters! Crossing from mountain to mountain, you can see the incredible Zhangjiajie National Forest Park under your feet, an inspiration for James Cameron to create Pandora from the movie Ávatar.

Where? North of Hunan province in China.

Glass bridge in china
Glass bridge in China Photo: Boredpanda.com

Ecuador. Swing at the end of the world. 

If swings were your favorite game in the park and you liked to feel the vertigo of going faster and faster, then you will have no problem reliving those moments on a particular swing. The main objective of the visit to Baños in Ecuador is to observe the Tungurahua volcano from its best spot. Specifically, about two kilometers in a straight line from the crater, there is “The Tree House”, a small tree house located in the Runtun farmhouse, and from one of its branches, at 2,660 meters above sea level, a huge swing that swings towards the end of the world. you dare?

Where? City of Baños in Ecuador.

Swing from the end of the world in Ecuador Photo: Boredpanda.com

U.S. Glass slide. 

As if that were not enough, we add one more attraction to the incredible city of Los Angeles. At the top of the US Bank Tower skyscraper, the Skyslide has just been inaugurated, a novelty that revives our inner child by inviting him to slide from the 70th to the 69th floors inside a huge glass slide hung outside the famous building. Located 305 meters high, you will glide in style!

Where? US Bank Tower, Los Angeles California.

Glass slide
Glass slide in Los Angeles Photo: Skyspace.com

Canada. Edge walk. 

First fact that you must be clear, the CN Tower in Toronto, with more than 500 meters high, is the fifth tallest tower in the world. Second fact, there is an attraction called CN Tower Edge Walk. What in a few words means that you can walk around the outside of the tower at a height of 356 meters without any type of railing or something that stops you, it’s you and the abyss … and ok, a harness that with the greatest security of the world, allows you to swing towards the precipice for 30 minutes. How about?

Where? Toronto Canada.

Zimbabwe. Devil’s Pool. 

Ok, I think this list of exotic attractions was increasing in its level of madness because I left for the end the most incredible of all, but at the same time, the most exotic. How about swimming in a “pool” on the edge of a waterfall? The mix of rim, waterfall and pool do not go very well together, but it is a reality. Exactly in the Victoria Falls at a few hundred meters of altitude and during the calmest months of the Zambezi river, you can enjoy a natural pool formed by the same rocks of the waterfall. There are official guides for this attraction. Without a doubt, a unique experience!

Where? Victoria Falls on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border.