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Amsterdam, un viaje que tienes que hacer sí o sí

The Netherlands, and especially Amsterdam, is one of those destinations that many travelers always dream of meeting sometime in life, it is simply one of those trips that you have to do yes or yes .

What makes visiting the tulip country so interesting is that there is everything and for everyone . It is a city ​​with a lot of culture , with some of the best museums in the world, it has large spaces for healthy citizen recreation, and it also has places where adult entertainment is the order of the day.

There are many options, but, as far as we are aware, these are the recommendations:

 What to do in Amsterdam?

Channels, bicycles
Canals, Bicycles, Amsterdam

What to do in Amsterdam – Walk through its streets

 One of the greatest pleasures that is sometimes overlooked when visiting any place in the world, is to feel the beating of fate. Seeing and listening to the essence that makes a place unique can turn out to be the greatest attraction during a trip. And of course, Amsterdam is no exception.

The city, although large, is not so complicated to walk through , and as a main recommendation, we will tell you to explore it that way.

dam square
Dam Square, Amsterdam

To start, you can immediately see the presence of its numerous channels that make it so famous . It is only a matter of stopping at any corner or bridge to understand the feeling of which we discussed. Those channels that geographically make up the city, will become the map to follow wherever you go.

The other aspect that also strongly attracts attention is undoubtedly the enormous presence of bicycles everywhere, one of several cities that prefer this mobility system. This means of transport is by far the most common way to get from one place to another by the majority of its citizens. People of different traits, social status, ages, genders, in short, of all kinds, use bicycles to go to work, eat out, go to school, and of course, just to take a ride.

Bicycles, Amsterdam

With that you get to perceive that vibe of the locals, your trip will have already been worth it, we promise you.

A good place to start is Dam Square or the train station, from there, you could even simply head south, and discover the city by your own hand, without any plan, you will find its entertaining side.

What to do in Amsterdam – barhopping

Amsterdam is going to have fun, and in that sense the city is difficult for it to fail, especially if you look favorably on having a drink here, one there, listening to one type of music for an instant, and then another totally different in the establishment next door. The city lends itself perfectly to it, from the famous Red Light District , commonly related to prostitution, to any quiet alley in which you will find interesting places to taste a good Dutch beer and feel for a moment like part of the locals.

As a recommendation, bars like the Hill Street Blues, and the Bar-Hotel, across the street, are a good place to take the first “jump” of the night. Oh, and you have to order even one round of Jägermeister, at one of the stops, a popular drink from its German neighbors that is extremely popular in the Netherlands as well.

Bars in Amsterdam

If your impression of the city is that of a place to “party,” then three, four, five bars that you meet in one night will be enough to prove that life is good Amsterdam.

What to visit in Amsterdam – Van Gogh Museum

As we mentioned, the city also has its quite cultural side. In it you find the best museums in the world in different categories, and one of those museums that you cannot miss, is that of the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh .

In the enclosure are many of the original paintings by the famous artist, who was one of the main exponents of post-impressionist art.

The entrance counts 19 euros and it is recommended to arrive early to avoid long lines.

What to visit in Amsterdam – Anne Frank House

The now museum, where the Jewish writer of the same name, hiding from Nazi persecution, along with her family, as well as several other people, is one of the busiest points of interest of all in Amsterdam. Since the book on his life was compiled in the middle of the last century, his case became very famous, to such an extent that people visited the house to see with their eyes what they had read in the writing, hence the idea arose to turn it into a museum.

The ticket price is 9 euros, and it is recommended to buy the tickets in advance on the internet, in order to avoid the long, long lines that are made outside to get a ticket.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

People who travel to Amsterdam go on various accommodation plans. It is relatively easy to find cheap hostels, as well as luxury hotels for those who wish to do so. We would recommend looking for a hotel in an area near the train station, since in addition to easily leaving and returning to the airport, it is also an excellent way to start any trip to different points.

Channels at night

What to eat in Amsterdam?

Local cuisine may not be as varied as one might be used to here in Mexico. But that does not mean in any way that it is not rich, a couple that would be worth trying are the stroopwafel , which is a kind of waffle leaf sandwich filled with caramel or honey. The other must-see must be the “Dutch” potatoes , not to say French. Which are fried like the ones we all already know, with the difference that they are accompanied by various ingredients ranging from onion, mayonnaise, curry, ketchup, and different types of sauce.

In addition to local dishes, in Amsterdam you will find varied international cuisine of great world renown. Many are the award-winning restaurants of different types of gastronomies that you could taste. A special recommendation is the Envy tapas restaurant, a gem that your palate will thank you for.

To the list of places to visit in Amsterdam you could add the Rijksmuseum Museum, the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, and the Tulip Market. Tourist sites that surely will not disappoint your expectations.

I love amsterdam
Rijksmuseum museum., Amsterdam

Oh, and don’t leave Amsterdam without taking a photo of yourself on the famous “I amsterdam” sign outside the Rijksmuseum Museum.

If you are an adventurous traveler, intrepid, partying, with a cultural, gastronomic touch or whatever you want, we are sure that the city will have something to satisfy your little worm traveler. Amsterdam is a trip that you have to do, yes or yes .