Por Expedia Team, el February 3, 2016

Chiapas no le pide nada a ningún destino

In Mexico we have many destinations rich in traditions, gastronomy, attractions, history, culture and archaeological zones. One of these is precisely Chiapas, where there is no time to enjoy it as it truly deserves.

Chiapas offers visitors an extraordinary range of experiences capable of captivating the most experienced traveler, in addition to having hotels for all budgets, restaurants with typical cuisine and local tour operators that facilitate the transfer to the archaeological and natural attractions of the state, with professional and trained guides to take groups in several languages.


If you do not know it yet, today I give you 5 strong reasons that will invite you to visit this rich state of southern Mexico as soon as possible:

People. Going through alleys, admiring windows, balconies and doors, greeting strangers as they pass and avoiding cobblestones, that is, people and in Chiapas you can fully enjoy this art. In fact, this state has three magical towns: San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapa de Corzo and Comitán de Domínguez. Chiapa de Corzo is only about 20 minutes from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, which is the state capital, while San Cristóbal de las Casas is just over an hour away by road. These three magical towns are capable of making anyone fall in love with their rooftops and beautiful architecture.


Gastronomy. Mexican food is delicious and unique, which is why it was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010. And Chiapas cuisine is one of the most representative in the country, so visiting Chiapas also becomes a feast of aromas. and ideal flavors to please the most demanding palates. Although the gastronomy of Chiapas is tremendously varied and changes according to the region, there are certain dishes that can be found almost everywhere, such as chipilín tamales. What you should definitely try is the coffee, the chocolate, the pozol, the fried male plantains, the asado coleto, the bread soup, the tamales, the molotitos, the chipilín soup and in general, you have to indulge yourself with the food in this place because everything is joy.

Nature. Did you know that Chiapas has 20% of the country’s flora and fauna? With this data, the wealth of the state is clear and why it is the favorite of those who love ecotourism and adventure tourism. One of the most named and visited sites in this regard is the Sumidero Canyonwhich is very close to Chiapas de Corzo. There it is possible to take boat rides to admire the fauna and the high rocky walls that reach up to a thousand meters in height. Another emblem of the state is the Agua Azul Waterfalls, which are near Palenque. Its name says it all and there are those who say that there is no water bluer than that; in this place you can swim in some pools. Other places to visit are the jungle walks, the Montebello Lagoons, the El Chifón waterfalls and of course the coffee farms near Tapachula.

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Crafts. Chiapas is color and that is reflected above all in its textile crafts. The hands of the people of Chiapas are capable of creating amazing pieces with very particular designs and colors. Skirts, blouses, huipiles, tablecloths, shawls and so many more garments of unmatched beauty. But also in the region pottery, carved wood and jewelry are worked. Nowadays unfortunately it is common for the visitor to be scammed and they give him “cat for hare”, selling Chinese pieces created in series as if they were handicrafts, for this reason it is very important to go directly to the artisans, or to buy the pieces in stores that promote and support artisans.


Palenque. Finally, an important attraction of Chiapas and the country: Palenque. It is one of the most significant archaeological sites of the Mayan culture, which is located in the middle of the jungle and when you visit you will see that there are monkeys that go from one side to the other hanging from the branches, this gives you an idea of ​​how far tucked into the jungle is this place. Declared a World Heritage Site, Palenque, Palenque has long been admired, studied and researched by specialists, who consider it of utmost importance for the knowledge of Mayan culture.


I could give you more reasons to visit Chiapas, but surely with these five it is enough to show you that it is a destination that does not ask anything of the best in the world.