Por Expedia Team, el February 22, 2014

Cinco islas del Caribe para pasarla bien

Although it may seem a little trite, many times the only thing we want on our vacation is a little shade and fresh water. A beautiful beach on the itinerary can provide us with moments of tranquility and relaxation, and allow us to quickly forget all the stress of work at a hectic pace. What if that beach is located on a beautiful Caribbean island?

Thanks to the great offer of flights, and its fast connections to major airports in Latin America and the United States, the Caribbean is getting closer. In addition, there are several hotel options whose objective is to better serve tourists.

If you ever dreamed of days of peace and well-being, we present you five Caribbean islands to have a good time; Thus, you will start counting the days until your holidays arrive.


In addition to its fine sand beaches and almost transparent sea, Barbados also has different activities, with a very fun program and in direct contact with nature. To start your itinerary on the island, you can enjoy a catamaran ride and, who knows, maybe you end up swimming with turtles in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. At night, nothing better than to taste a good rum, the traditional drink of the island.


Curaçao is an excellent option for those who prefer to alternate the beach with other alternatives. The historic center is special and tells a lot about the island’s Dutch past. Also, on the beach of the Seaquarium, you can enjoy the aquarium and even swim with dolphins. The night on the island is also very joyous: you can easily tour the Willemstad region.

St. Maarten / St. Martin

The charming island of St. Maarten, which has a French and a Dutch side, has paradisiacal beaches, a great variety of restaurants and many walks that will take you to the sea and learn about local history. To see all the activity options, click here . Contemplating the landing of the planes at the regional airport is something you cannot miss: surely, you have already seen some of those images of planes almost touching the sand on the beach.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, a bastion protected from mass tourism, are the ideal destination for those seeking peace, tranquility and exclusivity. Yachts, villas, luxury resorts, paradisiacal beaches and spectacular nature make up the setting for this refuge, which attracts travelers from all over the world in search of privacy and elegance. The main activities are scuba diving on the coral reefs, surfing, fishing and boating.

Women Island

If Cancun was the option you chose for your next trip, you can take the opportunity to enjoy a different and memorable ride. To do this, reserve a day on your schedule to visit Isla Mujeres. From the north of Cancun, you can get to the island by taking a passenger ferry, which also departs from the Hotel Zone , and in just 20 minutes, you will have an island practically for yourself.

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, moisturizer, a pareo and a hat; That is all you need to enjoy and rest on the Caribbean islands that all hikers dream of. For this reason, here at Expedia you will find various hotel and flight offers to discover the best that the Caribbean has for you: transparent sea, beautiful beaches, and fresh water.