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Kenia, enigmática para muchos, un sueño aventurero para otros.

This African country, like the vast majority of the continent, is referred to for offering one of the most unique tourist attractions in the world, a safari. If it has already crossed your mind to visit that distant country, it is almost certain that it has to do with your taste for this activity.

The gateway is through its capital Nairobi, which is precisely where you should start your adventure.

Zebra landscape
Kenya, Africa Photo: Getty Images

Visit the Nairobi National Park

Without having to go very far from the city, in fact it could be considered almost within it, is this park that offers visitors a perfect introduction to the African wild world. An interesting combination of the savanna with a varied range of completely free animal species, and an urban setting in the background, make this place the first obligatory stop.

From black rhinos, hyenas, leopards, lions, buffaloes, giraffes, and many more species, it will be what you will find in this natural space.

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa Photo: Superstock

Feel a real safari in the Masai Mara National Reserve

In the Southwest of the country, there is this enormous nature reserve, which is one of the most important on the continent. In fact, due to its spectacular nature, it is located almost at the same level as its deputy neighbor, Serengeti in Tanzania.

The massive migration of animals that occurs during the months of July and October from the Serengeti to this reserve, make it one of the favorite places to appreciate this type of natural spectacle.

During the migration, hundreds of thousands of animals such as wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, and antelopes traverse the Mara River, which is home to hundreds of crocodiles looking forward to that moment in order to get food. For those who manage to cross the river alive, other predators such as lions, hyenas and leopards are waiting for them who are also looking to get their prey. In fact, the Masai Mara Reserve also contains one of the largest concentrations of lions in the world. It may sound cruel to some, but it is part of the cycle of nature.

Masai, Mara, Kenya Photo: Getty Images

Approaching Kilimanjaro

Although geographically located in the neighboring country of Tanzania, the mountain is known as the roof of Africa since it is at its highest point at almost six thousand meters high, making it the highest on the continent.

If you are the type of extreme adventurous traveler, and you have the knowledge and preparation necessary for mountaineering, then we would be talking about trying to get to the top and not just to the bottom.

Imagine adding this peak to the record of your conquests, super, right?

Kilimanjaro Photo: Corbis

Enjoy the Sun, the beach, and urbanity in Mombasa

But hey, not everything is just adventure in Kenya, you can also have a great time relaxing and enjoying its beautiful beaches.

One of the places where you can find this is in the city of Mombasa, the second largest city in the country, only behind the capital Nairobi. That is why you can take a getaway through the city and soak up a bit of its slightly more “westernized” culture.

But if what you want is better to relax, then you can do it by sunbathing on the sand or taking a dip in some of its beaches such as Diani and Bamburi.

In addition, you can carry out activities such as snorkeling throughout the year since it has a spectacular reef along the coast, where beginner swimmers can admire the beauty of its corals and various marine species.

Mombasa, Kenya, Africa Photo: Lawrence Lam

So now you know, if a taste for nature and adventure are part of what your ideal trip should include, then Kenya is for you .

It should be noted that to visit Kenya it is necessary to have a visa prior to arrival. It is recommended to verify all the requirements on the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Relations , as well as to make sure that there is no type of political or social situation that could jeopardize the integrity of the traveler.