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La vida nocturna en Guadalajara

You have decided to spend your vacation in Guadalajara and, as expected, you are wondering what to do in Guadalajara. There are several itineraries that you can consult , but well, here we are to tell you what the nightlife in Guadalajara is like, what are the best clubs in Guadalajara, the best place to spend a ladies night or where to take advantage of a 2×1, or which canteens to visit. In Guadalajara, the nightlife is tinged with sounds and colors, flavors and tastes. The best bars in Guadalajara await you with open arms to drink a tequila from Los Altos, where the best tequilas in the world are prepared, and meet people. You can also go dancing or simply tour the historic center at night, it is your decision.

Plaza el Expiatorio in Guadalajara
People in the plaza in Guadalajara. Photo by: Flickr / Creative Commons / Wonderlane / Via / https: //flic.kr/p/mrCGB4

Every night should start with a good meal or a coffee and, therefore, here we offer you a selection of the places we recommend to visit. For starters, one of the most visited places for its history is the Chupitería La Favorita, whose construction is part of the city’s historical heritage. This is one of the best restaurants and bars in Guadalajara, where you can enjoy a selection of more than 100 shots (in case you don’t know, shots are small shots of fresh and fruity flavors and, why not, strong). Another place that you can visit and visit is the Plaza de los Mariachis, a beautiful place to sit and drink beer listening to the mariachis and their serenades. In addition, you can visit El Parián, a complex of gardens made up of various canteens and dens that share the same square. Ideal to sit and listen to the various bands that haunt there. Another good place to visit is Café André Bretón. This place, as bohemian as its name suggests, is one of the most charming places in the city. Here you will have live music and beers from all over the world. In addition, this place has its own art gallery, dishes with a great French influence and its specialty: rums made by maceration. These rums will change your life. rums made by maceration. These rums will change your life. rums made by maceration. These rums will change your life.

streets of Guadalajara of Mexico
Night in the streets of Guadalajara.
Photo by: Flickr / Creative Commons / Alan Levine / Via / https: //flic.kr/p/spdqf4

The clubs in Guadalajara are quite an experience. A good place to start visiting is the Unión brewery, which has a whole page of selection of different beers, including the famous Minerva beers, a local delicacy. Another great place to visit is Primer Piso, this jazz bar puts on live sessions, presents artists and also exhibits works of art. It is an ideal place to have a drink in peace and enjoy the first hours of the night. You can also visit Los Famosos Equipales. Created in 1920, this place uses Mexican music where customers are seated at a table with four stalls (interwoven chairs with leather or palm backs). They say that it is here that the famous “happy buttocks” drink is born, a happy mixture of red wine, gin, rum, orange and a splash of alcohol. All drinks in this place are served in 2×1. You can also visit La Sin Rival, the oldest cantina in Guadalajara. There you can enjoy the “stagecoach”, where you can try six glasses of mezcal in a row.

Los Arcos de Guadalajara, Mexico
Los Arcos de Guadalajara.
Foto por: Flickr/Creative Commons/Belis@rio/Via/https://flic.kr/p/bQ2AuV

Si lo que quieres es bailar, puedes dirigirte a La Mutualista. En este lugar, además de la siempre presente cerveza, podrás aprender a bailar todos los ritmos latinos (como la salsa o el danzón), Además, aquí se realizan homenajes a la música latina mediante retratos y cuadros. Es el lugar ideal para ir a conocer la cultura del baile del lugar. Además, puede visitar La Santa, uno de los lugares de moda de la ciudad. Es tan visitado y tan conocido, que acaban de abrir una sucursal en Puerto Vallarta. Si lo que quieres es rebotar al son de la música electrónica mientras conoces gente nueva, este es tu lugar. Otro famoso lugar, favorito de los jóvenes que buscan fiesta, es Lola Lolita. Si bien no es exactamente ideal para bailar (aunque no se prohíbe), su música variada y su gran carta de vinos es uno de los atractivos principales. No solo eso, sino que la música sale de un automóvil clásico que se encuentra empotrado en la pared. Si quieres seguir moviendo los huesos, también puedes visitar La Lupita. Este fantástico lugar está siempre repleto y solo acepta efectivo. Es decir, aquí vienes a bailar toda la noche, con una gran variedad de música, conocer gente y, por supuesto, aceptar los shots de tequila que el personal reparte gratis durante toda la noche.


Guadalajara is a magical city, whether day or night, but it is during the night that bohemians, young people and artists make it shine. As we have mentioned, the limit of your options is only your imagination, you can go out to dinner, drink or dance all night to the sound of different music. What have you enjoyed most about your visit to Guadalajara?