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La vida nocturna en San Luis Potosí

You have decided to spend your vacation in San Luis Potosí . This city, which combines tradition and modernity, has a wide offer to spend the best possible vacation. From restaurants and bars to canteens and nightclubs, fun is available at all times in the nightlife in San Luis Potosí.

The gastronomic offer of the city is wide and for all tastes. International cuisine has its place in Kabuki, where Japanese food is the protagonist. With more than 15 years in the city, it is ideal for intimate dates as well as for a dinner with friends, a family outing or a girls’ meeting taking advantage of the ladies night. The atmosphere is comfortable and the attention is kind and careful. Argentino is, as its name says, a restaurant whose specialty is Argentine slow-roast meat. To accompany the delicious steaks, the wine from the Cuyo region is recommended and almost mandatory. With a space that can be reserved for private events on the first floor, it is the best option if you want to have an important meeting or celebration. Also of Argentine cuisine, La Caterpillar and Barley has pizzas, beers and wines, all with the unique flavor of artisanal. The attention is remarkable for its friendliness and confidence, making a lunch or dinner a unique moment and the 2 X 1 makes it irresistible.

church in San Luis Potosí at night
A church in San Luis Potosí.
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If you want to try local gastronomy, the proposal is expanded. With beautiful architecture, Cielo Tinto takes classic recipes to a new level, with updated dishes and modern drinks. La Legendaria has local craft beers, Mexican cuisine and live music, if you want to fully savor the best of the city this is one of the places to visit. In the historic area, La Posada del Virrey serves from breakfast to dinner, in the oldest house in the area belonging to the Viceroy. Ideal to meet local food, share a space with tourists and locals and enjoy the ladies night with friends.

To prepare for the night, the best bars in San Luis Potosí await you. Beer House has beers, with promotions Monday and Wednesday, and pitcher margaritas to share with friends. Another with great beers, including Legendaria (a local favorite), is Beer Life. Micheladas, a variety of beers with wheat as the undisputed winner and a small but complete menu are part of Fieles Difuntos. The space is little, but the attention and the proposal make up for it. The fort of El Paredón are the drinks, for which a large audience comes, both local and foreign. Azotea Bar has drinks at a very good price and different sectors, being the most chosen the terrace where groups meet during the weekend. The ladies night is, perhaps, one of the busiest. To continue with the beers, one of the most famous bars in San Luis Potosí is Callejón 7 B, which prepares its own varieties. Patience is necessary here, as the attention is a little slow, but the product is worth it. Wings Air Force and American Legion Bar offer an American vibe with drinks, beers, and dishes like chicken wings, burgers, and fries. At Wings Air Force you can order two-liter mugs of beer for your friends table, the pizzas and the full bar are sure to keep you coming back.

San Luis Potosí at night
San Luis Potosí at night.
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The Cup has snacks and half-liter beers to treat yourself and to share in a group outing, especially when the 2 X 1 is active. A unique canteen recommended by all is La 1405 Cantina & Cocina, where the presentation of the dishes, the menu and the offer of drinks (drinks, beers and micheladas) is as important as the service and the setting. Ideal to know the best of the nightlife in San Luís Potosí. The Potosina Parish is one of the cantinas that locals know and visit regularly, with the dishes as a hallmark. They also have an ideal buffet for tired pockets, as to satisfy the needs of anyone.
If dancing is your thing, Makumba is one of the best clubs in San Luis Potosí. You can not only reserve tables for outings with friends, but also see incredible shows of his dance body. Latin rhythms, cumbias and salsa on the dance floor, there are beers and drinks at the bar. Another of the most visited clubs in San Luis Potosí is La Bamba, which has a similar offer in terms of musical styles, with a 2 X 1 that adds extra interest if you do not have much to spend but want to dance. Greko Latinos follows the Latin line, but Greko Vip contributes the share of pop and electronic music to vary a bit. At the exit you can have breakfast at El Rincón de Don Pancho that has an exquisite pot coffee and classic Mexican dishes, as the closing of the best possible night.

A view of San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Great view of San Luis Potosí.

Especially to know the historical Mexico, but also to enjoy the modern with its bars, clubs and cantinas, the itinerary of San Luis Potosí   that we have shared with you has a lot for you to enjoy and bring in all your senses the best of Mexico. What have you enjoyed most about your visit to this beautiful city?