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Ruta por Italia en tren durante 15 días

If I were to ask you quickly to think about which cities an itinerary in Europe should include, chances are you mention a city in Italy within this idea, even if you have never traveled to the old continent.

Italy is undoubtedly a country that is on the mind of anyone who wants to travel to Europe and with good reason, its art, gastronomy, landscapes, architecture and culture is absolutely unique and impressive, so much so that I would recommend that you dedicate your next trip to Europe only to visit Italy.

But, although the country has hundreds of attractions to visit this itinerary, it only contemplates the main places of the classic route through Italy. It is a 15-day trip, which will be few but at least you can have an overview of the country.

This route through Italy is designed to be done by train, especially with the Eurail passes. The reason is simple, in addition to the advantages and comforts of traveling by train, which you can read in this article: 5 unique experiences of traveling by train in Europe , the train will allow you to make short trips to various places while keeping costs low and make the most of the time during your trip.

If you consider that traveling by train is expensive, then read this other article on whether it is convenient to travel by train, plane or bus in Europe . In case you do not know what rail passes are for traveling in Europe, or Eurail passes, then I recommend this guide that I wrote about it: Complete guide to rail passes for traveling in Europe .

Now, let’s start with the itinerary to visit Italy by train.

Italy route by train – Rome

The first stop on your Italy itinerary will be Rome. If you are traveling from Mexico, you may find cheap airline tickets , otherwise, being one of the main European capitals, it is well connected to the rest of the continent, if your flight reaches another destination, you can transfer cheaply and quickly. smell.

Although the main tips for what to see in Rome require a specific article at the moment, what I can suggest is that you spend at least 3 full days in the city.

Seeing the Colosseum, visiting the Vatican, getting lost in the streets of the city and eating pasta, pizza and gelato until they explode are activities that require several days.

If you follow my advice to travel by train in Italy, then I recommend that you stay at a hotel near Stazione Termini , or the main train station in Rome, the area is not the most picturesque in the city but you will find cheaper hotels. You can also easily take the train to your next destination and have quick access to most of the attractions using the Rome metro or buses.

Italy route by train – Florence

Despite its relatively small size, this city is unmatched by any other in the world.

It was right here the place that could be called the cradle of the Renaissance. Home to the Medici family, who sponsored hundreds of artists and thanks to their generosity and vision, made the arts flourish in this city and the rest of Italy.

This city is a living museum, but you should not miss out on visiting its museums, because what you will see on the streets is just a small reflection of the magnificent works you will find in places like the Academy Museum or the Uffizi Gallery. Without forgetting its most representative structure, the Dome of Florence.

Being in Florence, I would recommend that you try to make two short trips. One to the medieval city of Siena which is an hour and a half by train from Florence and the second trip is to take your classic photo with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

On your route through Italy consider being in Florence and surroundings for 4 full days.

Italy route by train – Bologna

If you use the Eurail passes to make your route through Italy by train, in addition to making day trips such as in the case of the surroundings of Florence, you will have the opportunity to make stops to visit some cities on your transfers.

For example, on your transfer from Florence to Venice you can try to take the train early in the morning, arrive in Bologna, leave your bags in the luggage storage of the train station, visit the city during the day and take the train to Venice by the afternoon.

The advantage of train stations, unlike airports, is that they are usually in the center of cities, so it makes these visits very easy.

I only recommend this if you are one of those who tries to make the most of their days since I warn you that it can be quite tired, especially if you have spent several days of intense walking touring the other cities.

If you want to know what to see in Bologna during a short visit then check the city’s official website, it gives you a 24-hour itinerary in Bologna by clicking here .

Italy route by train – Venice

Venice is perhaps one of the most romantic cities in Europe and a destination that you should definitely include in your itinerary.

I recommend that you dedicate 3 days to see the city, you will be able to visit, in addition to the most representative places of Venice, all its surroundings, including an excursion to the island of Murano

I will not delve much into what to see in Venice because if you want more information read this article I wrote about it: 10 tips for traveling to Venice

Italy route by train – Verona

Continuing with your tour of the north of the country it is time to make a one-day stop in the city where the history of Romeo and Juliet, Verona emerged.

In addition to Juliet’s House, Verona is home to the largest Roman amphitheater after the Colosseum, has a capacity for 30,000 people, and its conditions remain almost intact allowing it to host concerts during the summer.

Going to see an opera concert in a Roman arena in Italy is one of the activities that you should include on your next trip. Enter here to review more information on ticket sales and schedules: http://www.arena.it/arena/en

Italy route by train – Milan

Your route through Italy will end in Milan, the country’s financial and fashion capital. This city perhaps at first glance does not have much to offer but it will allow you to enjoy a fairly active nightlife and if you are a fan of European football then you are in the right city.

In case partying or soccer is not something that catches your attention, then the Dome and the Cathedral of Milan will, but the main attraction of this city is the painting of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper.

Be sure to book the tickets in advance and for the first hours of the day, only 25 people are allowed to enter to see this table every 15 minutes. Tickets can be reserved here: http://www.milan-museum.com/leonardo-last-supper-cenacolo.php

The advantage of finishing your train route through Italy in Milan is that from here you can find low-cost tickets to different parts of Europe to continue your trip or simply take your flight back to Mexico.

After reading this itinerary you will notice that 15 days in Italy are not many and you may want to extend it further to get to know the south of the country and include places like Naples, Palermo and the paradisiacal beaches of Sardinia.

If you have read any of my previous articles on routes to travel Europe, such as Spain , Germany or France , you will notice that I put a lot of emphasis on the fact of traveling slowly, choose one destination instead of many and enjoy every moment of the trip. The trips are to collect memories, not photographs of places that you will not even know where they are.

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