Por Expedia Team, el April 8, 2016

3 destinos ideales para viajar con amigos

How many years have you and your friends promised each other a trip? Do not leave it for tomorrow and check these options: how about a little beach with a bohemian atmosphere to see life go by from a bunk; Traveling to Sin City to take a good tour of their casinos or rock in Austin, the Capital of Live Music?

Mijitos chulos, if you agree with me, some of the most memorable trips are in the company of our friends. It’s simple, when we take a plane with them, there is always guaranteed fun, intense adventures and anecdotes that add to our eternal memory talks. For this reason, I decided to put together this list of destinations:

 1.-  Mazunte, Oaxaca: bohemia, reggae and bongos

The last time I went to Mazunte I experienced a scene that I remember a lot because it looks like a movie: my friends and I made a bonfire that was joined by several foreigners who played guitars, a violin and even an accordion. In the same palapa in which we camped a DJ played and from one moment to another boys came who, in addition to playing the bongos, juggled. I will never forget that and all the evenings that I have lived on this beach located 264 kilometers from the capital of Oaxaca!


The atmosphere of this place is made for you to enjoy a quiet morning while you lie down on the sand, have a few drinks and listen to Bob Marley in the background. At night everything turns into a party, the people who camp make friends, dance, sing and laugh at life. Oh yes, it is a paradise where there is no room for worry.

What to do in Mazunte? : visit the beaches of Punta Cometa, San Agustinillo located just five minutes from Mazunte; its waves are perfect for surfing, swimming or snorkeling. Playa Mermejita is another incredible option for being a virgin place. Zipolite is also highly recommended for being a nudist space. If you want more fun, take a road trip to discover the nearby towns or visit the city of Oaxaca for a gastronomic route.


Where to stay in Mazunte? In Mazunte it is worth living bohemia to everything it gives! It is father to stay in a bungalow, a camp or in the small hotels of the place. El Copal is an ecological hotel located on Mermejita beach, on the way to Punta Cometa; its environment goes hand in hand with the surroundings.

Tip: Take advantage of the spring offers because there are round-trip airline tickets to Oaxaca from $ 1,300.00 pesos.

2.- Austin, Texas: music, urban tribes and tattoos

The first time I went I promised to return with my friends and I kept it, that’s why I highly recommend it.

Austin is the World Capital of Live Music for being one of the places with the largest number of bars and people playing good rock, country, pop or metal songs at all times. This detino is full of young people and the largest number of urban tribes I have ever seen: hipsters, hippies, punks, rockers and many other subcultures. Imagine the different but fun mix that all its inhabitants make that their slogan is: Keep Austin Weird which means keep Austin rare.


What to do in Austin ?: Go to the Sixth Street District, a street full of old mansions with Old West airs that are now restaurants and clubs. It is here where you can listen to bands that breathe life into the heart of entertainment and fun.

If you want to get an incredible tattoo, Austin has some of the best tattoo artists in the world. In several of the streets of the center there are shops where tattoo shops stand out, in fact, it is very rare that a local person does not bring a drawing on the skin.

If music beats you, in this same street there are many places where they sell incredible guitars, basses and drums. Be sure to take photos of your more than 48 guitar sculptures and go to a festival of some tribe organized in the city parks.

6th street
6th Street, Austin, Texas

Also take a tour of South Congress, an avenue with food trucks and decorated trucks that offer delicious barbecued ribs , the typical dish of the city. This neighborhood, also known as SoCo, is super alternative and has many designer boutiques and shops with rare objects.

If you want to have fun outdoors, there is a cabin where you rent canoes to kayak and tour the Colorado River. Be sure to go to Barton Springs Pool, a set of natural spring-fed pools.

In addition to the party, they will be surprised if they go to the Congress Avenue Bridge, an incredible bridge in the strangest city in the world where every day of the summer a true natural phenomenon occurs, as 1.5 million “mouse tail” bats come out of the bridge to take flight in search of food. This event is one of the most unusual attractions in Austin and the best time to see them is between March and November.

Where to stay in Austin? There are several options for cheap accommodation, but I highly recommend Lone Star Court , a hotel with a lot of waves, a pool and above all, cheap

3.- Las Vegas: express weddings, casinos and parties

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!  This destination is compared as the “Disney of the adults”. Its casinos, spectacular shows, express weddings, shops and nightlife, position it as one of the best places in the world to spend it with friends and organize bachelorette parties or parties in style.

Las Vegas
The Vegas, Nevada

What to do in Las Vegas ?: Follow the Las Vegas casino circuit as MGM, here is the Grnd Garden Arena where music concerts, boxing matches and awards ceremonies such as the Billboard Music Awards are usually held. Mandala Bay is another great option since it is characterized by its tropical style and its betting rooms which are accessible in bathing suits; they have beaches, artificial rivers and theme pools.

If you want the party to not stop, go to El Marquee (Cosmopolitan), this club attracts artists and DJs like Avicii, Armin Van Buuren or Sander van Dor. In the morning they organize a good pool party and at night they captivate with their atmosphere and the service of the marquee dolls. Other clubs that may interest you are Tao at the Venetian, Hyde at the Bellagio or Pure at Caesar’s Palace.

Finally, do not stop going to a show, they can be from boxing fights and burlesque dancers to the magic show by David Copperfield or singers like Rod Stewart. Cirque du Soleil offers more than ten daily shows such as KÀ, Mystère, O, Zarkana, Michael Jackson ONE and Criss Angel Believe.


If you want some adventure do not miss the Grand Canyon of the Colorado , it is very close to the city and you can visit it on guided tours by helicopter , Jeep or zip line.

Where to stay in Las Vegas ?: There are an infinity of packages at a good price that include lodging and flight. In these next months there are great offers!

Guys, as you can see the options are endless. You will have the last word, go thinking if you prefer to go to the world of gambling, have fun with live music or dance reggae on the beach. Do not forget to share it with your little balls!