Por Expedia Team, el October 12, 2015

Descubre lo que Oslo tiene para ti

Oslo is one of those cities where art, history and culture are breathed in every corner. You will find high modern architectural buildings that stand up contrasting with the surrounding environment in a vision of ecological sustainability. Without a doubt, Oslo is a paradise for lovers of art and good music.

Oslo culture

Its streets are living galleries that will leave you breathless when you visit it for the first time. You will also discover that its snowy landscapes, its life-size statues and the friendliness of its people are attributes that will leave you with a good taste in your mouth. Once you know Oslo it is impossible not to want to return.
Among the must-see stops in Oslo are:

  • Vigeland Park or Sculpture Park: With an area of ​​more than 32 hectares and 212 human sculptures created in life size by the artist Gustav Vigeland, it is considered the largest sculpture park in the world. Its beautiful pieces are carved in bronze and iron and were created in the early 20th century. Through these pieces, the sculptor sought to sublimely tell the journey of men through life, beginning with birth and leading to irremediable death through a monolith that rises to the heavens.
  • Viking Museum: This museum has the three best preserved Viking ships in the world. They were found in three royal tombs located near the Fjord. Other objects were found in these tombs, such as sledges, handcrafted pieces and the only known chariot from the Viking era.
  • The Oslo Opera: Opened in 2008, the Oslo Opera is one of the most impressive architectural works that has been built in recent years. Its sloping white roof that seems to stem from the Fjord is a ramp that allows visitors to take an unprecedented tour that ends with a panoramic view of the city.
  • Gol Stave Church: Built in 1200 it is a particular type of medieval temple made of wood, something very common in the area of ​​Norway in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. It was transferred to the city of Oslo in the 1800s to become one of the most striking museums in the town today.
  • Munch Museum: Oslo is the home of the famous painter Edvard Munch, who after his death donated 1100 paintings to the city, according to his own will. The place is entirely dedicated to telling the life and work of the artist. Do not miss the opportunity to walk and learn about the life and work of this genius of painting.
  • Aker Brygge: For those who like shopping, gastronomy and chic places Aker Brygge will give them just what they need. This is a quintessential trade and fun center. Here you can find shops and restaurants of the highest level as well as the best bars and nightclubs.

How to get to Oslo?

If you plan to travel direct from Mexico to Oslo, it is recommended to take a direct flight to Gardermoen Airport, which is in the north of the city. From there it will be very easy to get to the city center using the express train, renting a car, taking a taxi or the express bus.
In case you plan to visit Oslo as part of a multi-stop trip, you can take the ferry that departs from Kiel in Germany or those that leave from Frederikshavn or Copenhagen in Denmark.

The best hotels in Oslo for every need

Oslo is a city so rich in culture that you can visit it with friends, alone or with family. These are the best hotels we have found for you based on your needs.

For example, the Radisson Blu Airport Hotel is one of the best family hotels to enjoy in the city. If you travel with young children and babies, you will know that sometimes it is difficult to find a hotel that has a crib. Well, the Radisson Blu gives you that benefit, plus additional folding beds. This hotel is close to several museums, has restaurants, a 24-hour wellness center, a bar, free Wi-Fi, room service, a minibar, and satellite TV.

If your idea is to look for a central hotel , check out the Hotell Bondeheimen. It is a budget hotel where you can choose between single or double rooms. In addition, you can make use of extra beds and request cots if you need it. The best feature of this hotel is that it allows you to walk to any point of interest in the city: the Parliament, shopping centers, winter sports facilities, the Nobel Peace Center, among many others. The hotel has a restaurant and cafeteria. Each hotel room has a Wifi connection.

A cultural paradise you will want to return to

Oslo is a very modern city and full of cultural, social and sports attractions that will make you return once you visit it.