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Destinos más bonitos y desconocidos de cada estado de México

Traveling the world, touring it and savoring it is a true pleasure in life; and finding those beautiful and captivating corners that exist around the planet is an even better adventure.

This time, we set out to find the most beautiful corners of each of the states of our beautiful country, leaving behind the beautiful cities already recognized. Those little named places, but with impressive personality. And while these incredible destinations are not that famous, they are certainly captivating, interesting, and enigmatic. Let’s look at some of the reasons why we have to explore them. Some for its mysteries, others for its art, gastronomy, its people and many other things that we present below.



Calvillo, Aguascalientes
Calvillo, Aguascalientes. Photo by: Flickr via Comision Mexicana de Fimaciones

Captivating for its spectacular architectural beauty, delicious guavas, legends and stories of Independence. The Señor Salitre Parish, one of the most beautiful in Latin America, the Centennial Walker and its crafts, water activities in the Malpaso Dam, in the Sierra Laurel.

Baja California

Ensenada  🍷

Captivating from start to finish, thanks to its climate, beaches and surroundings. Know the roar of the “Bufadora”, gastronomy “BajaMed” style. The vineyards in the Valle de Guadalupe, a place that also offers extreme sports.

Baja California Sur


Loreto, Baja California Sur.
Loreto, Baja California Sur. Photo by: Shutterstock

Magical town set apart from the world with unsurpassed natural beauty, cave paintings and missions. Coronado Island is part of the must-see, as well as Bahía Concepción. The market with handicrafts made from sea shells. During winter it enjoys the sighting of the gray whale.



Beautiful colorful, quiet corner and the importance and beauty of Usumancinta, and its houses right on the shore. Take a photo in the replica of the Statue of Liberty, the handicrafts and delicious typical food you find it in the Municipal Market


San Cristóbal de las Casas

At one time it was called a royal city, it is located at the top of the valley surrounded by beautiful nature and unique clouds. San Cristóbal invites you to explore the fresh vegetation of the highlands of Chiapas, the secrets of San Juan Chamula or its natural stone arch, the Arcotete.



Creel, Chihuahua.
Creel, Chihuahua. Photo by: Shutterstock

In the bowels of the Sierra Tarahumara, this town is endowed with great natural beauties, such as caves, waterfalls, rock formations and forests. The adventure begins by taking “El Chepe” (train), once there, the Copper Canyon , it is a must see, admire them aboard the cable car. Extreme sports are also part of Creel’s activities.



Coyoacán. Photo by: Shutterstock

One of the most picturesque and historical areas of Mexico City. House of artists, poets and musicians where fascinating stories have been cooked. Frida Kahlo’s Blue House, squares, mansions and an atmosphere without equal. The carafe snow, the “cylinder drivers” who cheer with their music and cannot miss the delicious quesadillas in the Coyoacán Market. Find attractive packages to Mexico City.


Four Swamps

Endowed with a captivating space with unique flora and fauna, reptiles, fish and turtles that keep the ancient features. Seeing this “rarity” of nature attracts thousands of tourists, who also visit places such as the Poza Azul with deep and crystalline waters, the Dunes of Yeso, in art the Venustiano Carranza Museum and its Main Square.


Eat it

Inspiration of great literary works, the main square, as well as the Parish of San Miguel de Arcángel, or the old Hacienda de Nogueras. Walking through this town is incredible, you will realize the pure air you can breathe, in addition to enjoying the Coffee Route, with a guide and different points where this rich drink is harvested.



Mapimí, Durango
Mapimí, Durango .. Photo by: Flickr via Christian Frausto Bernal

Mining town with natural beauty, there is a fantastic biosphere reserve of the Bagón del Mapimí and the mystery of its natural phenomena. In its stores you find all kinds of precious minerals. Gastronomy is another of its attractions, as well as the mystery of the natural phenomenon of the Zona del Silencio.

Mexico state


Magical town located very close to the State of Toluca, distinguished by the work of its artisan potters. It has beautiful attractions such as its handicrafts market, Plaza Juárez and going up to the Iglesia del Calvarios, from where you can admire all of Metepec. The Trees of Life, known internationally.



A small place, with little population, but big in art, history and attractions. The building of the convent built in the sixteenth century, simply imposing, in addition to other viceregal buildings. The perfect place to relax is the Yuririapúndaro Lagoon, enjoy your food such as wallpaper catfish, pork trotters or Tarascan soup. After this, visit the city, you will find good and nice options of hotels in Guanajuato .



The silver capital of the world is the oldest mining city in America, with medieval and baroque buildings. A place that at Easter becomes the most desired place to be. Meet the Blue Pools of Atzala, visit the Central Plaza. Handicrafts made from the precious metal, Taxco hosts a famous downhill cycling competition.


Huasca de Ocampo

Quiet, quaint little place. One of its natural charms is in the Basaltic Prisms, only three places in the world offer this wonder. He explores his fields, arrives at the Museum of the Elves, where these mythical characters are found to be in a wooden house. In architecture, the former mining estates are also an attraction that will captivate you.



The fresh air reigns in this magical town, the cuisine is something special, the smell of trees, wonderful skies and the panoramic view from Cerro de El Tigre. Taste the typical punches and liqueurs made from fresh fruits from the region, the revitalizing cabins, visit the Municipal Park of La Zanja, the Enchanted Garden or the waterfall at El Salto Waterfall. If you want to go to the big city on the way, there are hotels of all kinds to stay in Guadalajara.



Angangueo ,, Michoacán.
Angangueo ,, Michoacán. Photo by; Shutterstock

Captivating for tourism that likes nature, as this place is host to the monarch butterfly. Among the activities is visiting the Gothic Church, a walk through the markets and the Main Square, they will guide you to the rich gastronomy.



Unique shaped rocks and great mountains surround this beautiful town. Taste the rich esquites, typical of the place and visit special places such as the Tepozteco hill itself, the former convent of the Natividad and the Tepozteco National Park.


The Cross of Huanacaxtle

A beautiful fishing village that has highlighted its magic thanks to the modern Riviera Nayarita. Beautiful beaches that invite you to live and recharge energy. Be sure to try their exquisite seafood cuisine.

Nuevo Leon Villa de Santiago

Villa of Santiago, Nuevo León.
Villa of Santiago, Nuevo León. Photo by: Flickr via Rick González

A perfect place to get away still preserves colonial architecture. Beautiful views in forests and waterfalls. Plaza Ocampo, where the House of Culture is located. The carved quarry is classic craftsmanship. You find one of the most beautiful temples with the Parroquia de Santiago Apóstol



In the northern sierra of Oaxaca, you can see this place with viceregal architecture, spectacular flora and fauna and dream forests. Know its impressive hand embroidery, visit the Parish of San Mateo, from the Mirador de la Cruz enjoy the view.



The cool mist gives it a spectacular touch, as well as the caves and caves, and of course, its pre-Hispanic and colonial attractions. During the night you can enjoy traditional dances as well as live music.



Tequisquiapan, Querétaro.
Tequisquiapan, Querétaro. Photo by: Shutterstock

Great gastronomic diversity and entertainment for the whole family. The great event the Cheese and Wine Festival enjoys this food in its best versions, as well as wine tasting. Its spas and the Parish of Santa María de la Asunción.

Quintana Roo

Holbox Island

In the Caribbean Sea, this dreamy island offers rich crystal clear waters and coral sand. Fabulous evening entertainment, tour the island on a scooter and take advantage of water sports, or rest, and just rest, that Holbox is perfect for that “activity”.

San Luis Potosí Real de Catorce

Magical, enigmatic town on the outskirts of the city, stone constructions, the Ogario tunnel, the only way to enter the town. Stories that give it the touch of a ghost town. One of the ways to learn more is visiting the House of Culture. Plaza Hidalgo is at your command.



Paradisiacal space nothing unknown but without a doubt a beautiful place to enjoy the best beaches in Mexico. Tour its extensive boardwalk, or tour its surroundings on a picturesque “pneumonia” (public transport). Night life is attractive in its discos. Seafood, a delight.


Saint Charles

San Carlos, Sonora.
San Carlos, Sonora. Photo by: Shutterstock

Bay of warm and transparent waters to enjoy and enjoy. From its phenomenal sunsets, water sports and delicious gastronomy.



If you are an adventurer, this is the place for you. It is submerged in the middle of the jungle, where you will find beautiful Villa Luz Waterfalls, caves and streams. Ideal to explore and discover its cobbled streets. Magical town where you can also enjoy delicious gastronomy.



Famous for being the creator of Tamaulipas leather. Wooded and semi-desert cut, it is rich in gastronomy and crafts. Casa Minerva today called Casa de la Cultura is a stopover you must do, as well as the Casino Tulteco or Cerro de la Cruz.



Huamantla, Tlaxcala. Photo by: Flickr via Mexican Filming Commission

Colorful space full of life and beautiful parties. The Otomí tradition. One of the largest festivals is that of the Virgen de la Asunción. The festival of the “huamantladas”, the beautiful colored rugs, the crafts based on amate paper, pottery. Enjoy places like the Municipal Palace and the former Convent of San Luis Obispo.



Magical coffee town par excellence, beautiful landscapes and haciendas. Large houses with interior gardens, with part of the architecture. The La Mata Museum, Orchid Garden or Miracles Gallery with its typical rag dolls.



Its beauty and attractiveness is centered on its colonial buildings, cenotes and crafts such as Mayan embroidery. Another of the great values ​​is thanks to its proximity to archaeological zones of the Mayan culture. The house of the Friars, the Main Square.

Zacatecas Jerez

Quarry-based architecture that gives a magical and captivating touch to its visitors. Traditional music and gastronomy. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Solitude, symbol of the place and its beautiful entrance, visit the Crafts Market with carved wooden items.