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Destinos relajantes: Ruta del vino de Baja California

One of the most consumed beverages in the world is wine. Although the references of this drink have always been countries like France and Argentina, little by little Mexican wine has been taking place. The main references of Mexican wine are located in Baja California, a state that has an ideal climate for the base grape of wine and where you can find the “Wine Route”.
The Wine Route is located just in the north of Baja California. The center of the Route is made up of the Valleys of Guadalupe, San Antonio de las Minas and Calafia. In the north you can visit the Valle de las Palmas and in the south the valleys of Santo Tomás, Ojos Negros and San vicente. There you will have more than 65 winemakers from which you can choose.
All these winemakers produce winesof high quality that in recent years have stood out to stand alongside the best in the world in various competitions. You can visit and learn about all kinds of processes since you will find everything from traditional and homemade wine options to fully industrialized ones.

What will you find on the Wine Route?

The Wine Route has become one of the key points of tourism in Baja California. This has allowed the creation of a good entertainment system that will make you have a pleasant time. In addition to touring the vineyards and learning about the wine production process, you can enjoy:

  • Restaurants that offer food for all tastes and with cuisine that ranges from rural to gourmet.
  • Camping sites that are ideal for when you go with friends and want to enjoy life outdoors.
  • Spas that may or may not be part of the wine producers.
  • Artisan centers and community museums where you can buy and appreciate artisan work in the area.
  • Boutique hotels located in the most appropriate areas to easily reach the main centers of interest in no time.
  • Wine boutiques where you can buy some wines and do wine tastings.

The best times to visit the Wine Route

Any time of the year is good to visit the Wine Route and learn about this industry, but there are certain times or dates when the experience is more complete.


This month the Flower Vineyard Festival is held, which is a festival that celebrates the flowering of the vineyards. This is the time when grape production really begins. This festival takes place in a winery in the Valle de Guadalupe every year.


Just before autumn begins, the pinch takes place. This is the first part of winemaking and, perhaps, the most important because it allows us to see if it is the perfect time to harvest the grapes. If the pinch is not done properly, the final wine may be of poor quality.
The Harvest is another of the most important festivals and is celebrated in the Valle de Guadalupe, also in August. During the event there are guided wine tours so you can learn about the entire wine production process. On other dates you will only know some parts of this process.
During the Harvest several activities are carried out:

  • The blessing of the first grinding.
  • Grape stomping contests.
  • Wine tasting.
  • Bullfights.
  • Tasting of typical food.

How to get to the Wine Route?

The easiest way to get to the Wine Route is through the Guadalupe Valley from which you can go to the area you prefer.

Arriving from Tijuana

You need to take the Carretera de Quota 1 that runs along the entire scenic coast from Playas de Tijuana to Ensenada .
After about 100 kilometers you will arrive at the last booth that is in San Miguel. You must continue in the same direction until you find the signs for “Wine Route” or “Valle de Guadalupe” so that you pass over that bridge and reach Highway 3 heading northeast.
After about 12 kilometers you will be in San Antonio de las Minas. This is where the Valle de Guadalupe begins.

Arrive from Tecate

You must take Highway 3 that goes south. You will arrive at the Vinícola Tanamá and you must drive to kilometer 7.5 to find the entrance to the Wine Route.
Passing the Valle de Las Palmas, El Testerazo, Vallecitos and Ignacio Zaragoza you will have reached your destination.

Hotels on the Wine Route

The hotels on the wine route include alternatives for all tastes. Those looking for a more homely style will have the opportunity to choose one of the typical houses in the area. You will find that the people here are very friendly.
There are also appropriate boutique hotels for those who want a more complete experience that may include wine tastings and activities designed to be enjoyed in a group.
In case your thing has more to do with luxury, there are also excellent hotels waiting for you.