Por Expedia Team, el September 16, 2015

Empieza a organizar las vacaciones de invierno

I know that many are returning to the routine after their summer holidays and that perhaps you still do not feel like thinking about winter ones. But it is right now when you should see what you want to do, who you want to spend Christmas with and where you want to go. The earlier you organize, the more time you will have to plan your expenses and make reservations. Follow this guide and you will see that the whole process is much easier than imagined.

Decide where you want to go

Mexico gives you the opportunity to spend a winter with a more or less pleasant temperature. Depending on where you live you can have a temperate or cold climate. If you do not feel like spending the Christmas holidays in your city and you want a radical change, analyze whether you want hot or cold.
Cold lovers should see alternatives such as London, Washington or Alberta where they will find activities related to cold and ice. If warm weather is your thing, go take a look at Latin American countries, Africa or Australia. Here the beach activities, with warmth and calm are what you will find.

Travel times

Depending on the customs of your family, you can think of a trip of a few days that serves to forget the routine or one of several weeks to rest completely.
Take into account that many factors of your trip will depend on the time you decide to go. For example, if you go to Paris for 10 days you will need a completely different plan than if you travel to Egypt for a week.

Organize your budget

Nobody likes to start making budgets because they immediately give us a headache. And they are not easy but they are very useful. As you can imagine, looking for a cheap hotel in Quebec two months in advance is not the same as when you arrive in the city.
The same happens if you want to take advantage of travel offers. The more time you have to search and discover options, the greater opportunities you will have to find one that suits your itinerary.

Find alternatives to save money

You already know where you want to go on vacation, the time and money you need. It’s time to start cutting unnecessary spending and find opportunities to save. If you haven’t already, check your credit card agreement to see if it has discounts or points for travel.
Other non-vital expenses may see a cut to increase the money available during your trip.

Start assembling the suitcase

Yes, it is too early to pack and leave them at the bottom of the closet. What I mean is to start buying what you need. If you go to the mountains and need to buy hiking boots, do it now that you have enough time to compare and buy the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Plan your activities

Now that you have enough time and a defined destination, organize the activities you want to do and the times for each one. It is important that you do not make such an exhaustive planning, leave room to make last minute changes.
Very fair itineraries are a problem when you are presented with the opportunity to see a place that you didn’t even know existed.

Find travel insurance

Another great advantage of planning your trip in low season is that you can find attractive offers on services that are always necessary. One of these services is travel insurance, which by the way, is never so expensive.
If you now have time to start searching, you can find discount coupons and offers that you can take advantage of for the Christmas season.
I recommend looking for one that protects you against itinerary changes, flight cancellations, weather problems and medical support. For me, these services are basic, although it never hurts a more complete one.

Planning ahead has advantages

The winter season is a time that many people take advantage of to go on a trip. For this reason, it is not uncommon for vacation destinations to fill up months in advance and when you arrive you have problems finding a hotel.
Take advantage of these pre-winter months to organize and prepare the vacation of your dreams regardless of whether you choose a central hotel in Buenos Aires or a hotel on Madrid’s Gran Vía .