Por Expedia Team, el August 12, 2015

Las mejores actividades de Colombia

From Medellín to Bogotá , and everything in between, Colombia has a large number of activities worth experiencing and enjoying. Its exotic landscapes, rich gastronomy and exceptional nightlife, Colombia will give you the perfect memory.

Visit the Lost City

The Lost City is an archaeological site located in the Sierra Nevada. It is calculated that it is older than Machu Picchu and was discovered in 1972. From that time until 1982 the site was rebuilt by the Colombian Institute of Anthropology.
During your visit to the Lost City you will see that several members of the local tribes come to the place regularly to pay their respects to the site.
In the Lost City you can see a series of 169 terraces nestled within the same mountain, various paths and various circular squares. To reach the top of the place you will have to climb about 1200 stone steps through the jungle.

Go to the Gold Museum

The wealth of Colombia is millennial and proof of this is this museum and its more than 55,000 pieces made of gold. The exhibitions seek to show the best of Colombian culture, so you will find explanations in English and Spanish for each piece.
On the first floor of the museum is the main entrance, a store and a restaurant. On the second floor, the exhibition begins with pieces from pre-Hispanic Colombia. The four main cultures are Calima, Quimbaya, Muisca and Zenu.
The third floor is the continuation of the exhibition with two well divided areas: “The Shamanic Flight” that shows the shamanic ceremony and “The Offering” which in turn is divided into the “Offering Room”, the “Boat of the Offering “and the” Lake “.
The exhibition ends with the “Room of Depth” where you can watch videos about the museum’s most important gold pieces.

Explore the Cali Zoo

This is one of the most beautiful zoos in Colombia. It is located in the city of Cali and belongs to a foundation with the same name whose mission is animal conservation. The zoo has sought to improve the life of the animals that inhabit it in its diet, keeping them in their natural environment and giving medical attention to the animals that require it.
Another of the works of the Cali Zoo is the promotion and creation of very diverse research, educational and recreational programs.
In the more than 10 hectares that make up the zoo, you will see more than 1,200 animals representing some 180 native species in the country, from lemurs to condors.
You can also enjoy the views and activities available on the Cali River.

Marvel at the Bogota Botanical Garden

The José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden is the largest in all of Colombia. It has two main purposes: to allow you to recreate with the beauty of local nature and to carry out research on local ecosystems.
The Garden is located in the heart of Bogotá and has samples of plants from all over the country. It was founded in 1955 and was named in honor of the renowned astronomer and botanist José Celestino Mutis.
The park belongs to the city and is part of some international institutions.
In the Garden you can also see an artificial waterfall and the laboratories where research is done on plants and flowers grouped in ecosystems similar to the original ones.
Among other curiosities, the park has a sundial, a unique collection of orchids and a wide variety of flowers from the Amazon.

Tour the National Coffee Park

The National Coffee Park is a theme park located in Quindio. It is about 4 kilometers south of Montenegro and 11 kilometers west of the city of Armenia.
To get to the park you must take the cable car and once there you can enjoy the natural colors of the orchids in the area, lose yourself in the coffee garden, discover the process of roasting the coffee and try a cup of the final product.
The Park has some 22 attractions and was founded by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, so you will also find a lot of very useful information.
The place is divided into two main areas. At the entrance there are several buildings that house the museum where you can learn about the history, culture and process of coffee production. In the valley there is a huge park with events and walks throughout the year.
It is a good option to appreciate the coffee culture of the area while taking a pleasant walk.

Dance the night away in Medellín

If what you are looking for is a party, good vibes and having a good time with friends or your partner, Medellín is the best possible alternative. From all over the country, this is the city with the best places to dance and the funniest people. Take into account that Medellín is the second largest city in the country, so you must also take care of your safety while having fun.

Without a doubt, Colombia is an exceptional country with people and culture that will leave you surprised. These are the best activities from our point of view but surely there are many more. What are your favorite activities? What is the place in Colombia that you like the most?