Por Expedia Team, el August 14, 2015

Las mejores cafeterías alrededor del mundo

Are you one of those who just wake up needs your good dose of caffeine? If the answer is yes, you will surely love to know more about the best coffee shops around the world. All of them prepare exceptional coffee, they have a unique atmosphere and you cannot complain about its location.

Kaffeine – London, England

At Café Kaffeine they don’t just serve you a cup of coffee, they go further and create a real journey for the palate. I recommend that you do not drink coffee before visiting it and try its shot of espresso, followed by a shot of cappuccino and a refreshing fruit mix.
The baristas who work at Kaffeine really know what they are doing as they must have at least three years of practice in the coffee shop to finally be ready to make your coffee. This implies that they learn to prepare coffee in the traditional way.
Kaffeine is located at 66 Great Titchfield St. Fitzrovia, London. It is open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm and is about 15 minutes from central London so you will have no problems staying in a nice and comfortable central London hotel .

Coffee Supreme – Auckland, New Zealand

Those with a demanding palate who are always looking to try something new, Coffee Supreme will give you what you need. It is the only place that offers you soda syrup with your coffee. Plus, you can add a touch of milk or water for a touch of unique flavor.
The place is quite nice. It has a fairly clean and tidy style of decoration that blends perfectly with the exceptional work of its employees.
This cafeteria has three branches in its city of origin, so you will not have a pretext for not visiting it. Take advantage of your stay to stay in a budget hotel in Auckland and discover what the city has for you.

Café Craft – Paris, France

The French could not miss us on this list and what better exponent than Café Craft? You can usually find this coffee packed and ready for easy home brewing. In case you want to live the full experience, visit the physical cafeteria and order a noissete. This drink is an espresso with milk, a true Parisian classic.
Café Craft is located at 24 Rue des Vinaigriers and is open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The decoration of the place is very nice and modern with black and white tones that contrast with the wood of the furniture. Take the opportunity to find a family hotel and live in the French style for a few days.

Analog Coffee – Calgary, Canada

Canada could not be missing from this list and the best exponent we found is Analog Coffee. This cafe is located in the interesting city of Calgary where you can find comfortable hotels. What makes this cafe special is that it offers delicious and varied drinks. You will find from traditional Japanese drinks to traditional lattes, all of great quality.
It is quite a comfortable and relaxed place since you can take a chair and talk to the barista while he prepares the drink you have ordered.
The baristas are quite pleasant and know all the methods of roasting and handling coffee very well. Here you will see that preparing coffee is not only an art, it is also a science.
You find Analog Coffee at 740 17 Ave SW and it opens from 6:30 am to 00:00 am

The Coffee Academics – Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China

Although its name can be very pretentious, the truth is that The Coffee Academics is a most pleasant place. Here you can meet and try truly unique drinks that you will probably never consume again in your life … unless you return.
For nature lovers, there are lattes sweetened with organic agaves and spiced with black pepper. This sounds very exotic and is one of the features that most people attract to The Coffee Academics. Try and experiment with new flavors!
This cafe is located at 35-45 Johnston Rd. In Wan Chai. Due to its location we recommend hotels near the Central Plaza. 

Options for every palate

As you can see, having a cup of coffee around the world can be an experience worth living. There are alternatives for all tastes and for all budgets in the options that we have given you previously. Now tell us, what is your favorite coffee? And the cafeteria to which you are faithful? Which one would you like to visit?