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Películas que te inspirarán a viajar: El Señor de los Anillos

If you ask me about the things I love to do the most, I would definitely say traveling, reading, watching movies and listening to music. I think the last three activities inspire me to travel more and get to places impossible to see in reality. This time I will tell you about a saga that will undoubtedly make you want to travel and immerse yourself in a magical world.

A film with real scenes

The film was set in New Zealand and generated quite a few benefits to the country. Imagine that the government decided to take so much of the opportunity this film gave it that it created a Minister in charge of analyzing all the possibilities.
This Minister had to find and take advantage of every available option to take advantage of the recording of the film in the country. Thanks to this, today we can travel to the country and find several scenarios ready to be visited.

North island

In this part of the country a town and a city were mainly used.

Kill Kill

Do you want to visit the stages of La Comarca and Hobbiton? Then you should go to the town of Matamata. In real life it is so peaceful that it was the perfect setting to create Hobbiton. It is a permanent attraction and you can get there in about two hours from Auckland by car or take advantage of the intercity intercity bus departures.
To stay, I recommend an Auckland hotel .


Without a doubt, my favorite destination of those available. Here you can find what were the settings of the Path of the Dead, the Isengard Gardens, the forests of Osgiliath and Rivendell. Some places can be reached on foot such as Mount Victoria.
The fantastic Rivendell was created in the Kaitoke Regional Park and you can follow the main scenarios because they are perfectly marked.
All stages are within very close distance of each other. For most, it is enough to drive a few kilometers and it is easy to locate them because the signaling is perfect.
To get there you can choose to take an international flight to Wellington airport if you want to start the journey there. If you are already in the country, it is easy to get there by following the road from Auckland or by bus from central Wellington or Auckland.
Depending on your itinerary, you can choose a central hotel in Auckland or a budget hotel in Wellington .

South island

Most of the film was filmed on this island. Its stages are in:


A total of 40 rings were used in the filming and all were made by the blacksmith Jens Hansen who lives in this city. While you are here, take the opportunity to buy your own replica in 9 or 18 carat gold.
You can also get to know the Chet Forest and the Somber Stream Valley scenarios. Helicopter tours are available to explore the Somber Stream Valley and the three national parks in the area.
To get there, take a flight from Auckland or Wellington if you come from the North Island. You can also get there by ferry or bus from Picton.


Do you remember the people of Rohan, Edoras? Well, in real life it is located in Canterbury and although there is nothing left of the stage, you will surely love its natural beauty. Unfortunately, you cannot drive to the area.
You must park on Hakatere Potts Road and walk a few meters. The restaurant and accommodation are perfect for an incredible and peaceful night.

Mackenzie Region

Do you remember the Battle of the Pelennor Fields? The one where thousands of orcs face Rohan and Gondor? Well this was the stage. Few changes were made to the actual place because it closely resembles what was described in the book so it was perfect.
Although the land where the recording took place is private, there are some tours available for tourists.
To get to the Mackenzie Region you can take a direct flight to Christchurch and from there drive or take a bus to Twizel where there are hotels for all budgets .

Southern Lakes

Gandalf’s journey, the landscapes of Middle-earth and the Ford of Bruinen were staged in this part of the country. One of the favorite points of the visitors is the Chard Farm winery from where you can have an incredible view of the Pillars of the Kings.
If you are in Glenorchy you will see the scenes of the first scenes of The Two Towers. You should not miss the incredible panoramic view of what Middle Earth was like on the route of Mount Cardona.
You can get to the South Lakes from Queenstown Airport by domestic or international flight. If you are already in town, drive or take a bus from Dunedin.
I recommend that you look for a hotel in Queenstown to spend the night and rest and do the complete tour the next day.


The last two places you can visit are the Fangorn Forest and the Anduin River. The latter was staged on the Waiau River and the high peaks that surround it naturally were used to show rural Rivendel.
Fangorn Forest is easy to find but you will need to ask for some directions to Takaro Road.
You can fly to Dunedin. From there, it will take you two and a quarter hours to reach the Waiau River. You can also use the bus. The advantage is that the Intercity line can leave you in different areas very close to the point you want to visit.
For a rest, look for a comfortable hotel in Dunedin or Queenstown.

Are you ready to enter the world of The Lord of the Rings?