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Por qué viajar a Canadá durante su recesión

The world is in crisis. We already know that. And now it was Canada’s turn to suffer the fall. Although due to the improvement of its largest client (United States), more than a fall, it can be said that it is simply a small recession. The fall in the price of oil and less industrial activity are causing Canada to sweat a heavy drop and influence the exchange rate. But that should not paralyze anyone on the other side of the northern sector of the great continent.


Despite the economic malaise that Canada is currently suffering, this is increasingly a popular destination among Mexican tourists thanks to its vacation packages. Trend that is expected to continue growing next year thanks to the fact that Canada plans to facilitate the access procedures to the country for Mexico with the Electronic Travel Authorization program, reducing the requirements to travel to that country. This means that Mexicans who have had a visa in the last 10 years or who currently have a US visa should not process the visa. So now you can start planning your vacation in Canada .

a view of Crowfoot Mountain, Canada
Crowfoot Mountain in Alberta, Canada.
Photo by: Flickr / Creative Commons / Kevin Dooley / Via / https: //flic.kr/p/m3CzZx

As soon as you arrive, you will be surprised by its striking and varied nature, with enormous mountains, waterfalls and canyons, lakes and rivers and all the animal diversity that inhabits these places. From bears, wolves and coyotes, to different types of whales, including antelopes, reindeer and elk, not to mention polar bears. And it is that the climate is so different throughout its territory that it allows a very varied flora and fauna. As varied as its cultural roots. The cultural heritage is so diverse (let’s mix English, French and native communities and surely something original comes out), that if you wanted to get to know some “traditional” dish you would have to visit all of Canada and see what they offer you in each sector. The menu will change depending on the communities that used to live there,

Lake Louise at Banff
Lake Louise in Banff National Park.
Photo by: Flickr / Creative Commons / Sébastien Launay / Via / https: //flic.kr/p/fgGJNV

As for Canadians, they are very cordial and friendly people who will surely receive you with a smile. They are very concerned about the environment and like to lead a healthy life. So it is normal to see them in some activity. If you are wondering which places to visit, Lake Louise is a glacial lake within Banff National Park, in the Canadian Rockies, in the province of Alberta. Its peculiarity? A water that turns turquoise due to the melting of the Lefroy glacier and the two Victoria glaciers. Here you can go hiking, biking, horseback riding and even mountain climbing or kayaking and canoeing. Quite an adventure for those people who like ecotourism. Another great destination is Saskatoon. A city with a lot to offer, throughout the year.


If you are going to Toronto, of course you must visit the CN Tower and go up to its observatory at 573 meters high or, even if it is, reserve a place to eat in its 360º restaurant, which is 351 meters away. Then, you can visit Lake Ontario and take a tour of the Toronto Islands. And you can’t ignore the towering Niagara Falls. If you want to see the famous Northern Lights show, you must go to Yellowknife, but you can also learn how to extract the purest diamonds in the world at the Diavik diamond mine, attend some music, art and food festival and play golf in the midnight sun.

the interior of the Ice Hotel in Canada
Ice Hotel.
Photo by: Flickr / Creative Commons / Simon Desmarais / Via / https: //flic.kr/p/5TsVgj

Quebec is another great possibility to visit. You can learn about its past as a French colony by walking through the cobbled streets of the old town where you will see the churches and stone houses, protected by the old wall that surrounds it, visit one of its many museums and stroll through its beautiful parks and gardens. Going out of town a little you can go skiing at the Mont Sainte-Anne ski resort and you can even stay at the famous Ice Hotel, which is built every December and provides services until April. Another very popular option is Vancouver. There you can stroll through Stanley Park and enjoy the different views that this park offers us, both from Downtown and from the mountains that surround North Vancouver or the mini-beaches that form on the west side. Or you can take a short trip east to eat sushi in Richmond, and then enjoy Canada’s most popular sport, ice hockey. The rest of the attractions of this city you can discover alone and for that we show you some offers and travel packages that we have withhotels in Vancouver .


What are you waiting for? Book your ticket and go to know Canada and its people!