Por Expedia Team, el January 13, 2016

Quebec, ideal para una propuesta de matrimonio

Quebec City is the Europe of America, it is an enchanted tale and the perfect place to say “Yes, I accept!”. In any season of the year, Quebec offers beautiful and original settings to make a marriage proposal in a totally romantic setting.


Whether in a restaurant, a square or in the middle of an alley, surely a “commitment” made in Quebec will be magical. In this city there are plenty of spaces that lend themselves to being the ideal place to make a marriage proposal; However, you could resort to something with “more production” and for this I will give you some ideas.

Château Frontenac . It is mandatory to think of this place as the first option because in addition to being a spectacular hotel, it is an icon of the city. Ideally, you should book a table at their restaurant Le Champlain, overlooking the San Lorenzo River. Do not forget to discuss your purpose withthe hotel concierge and surely they will take special care that everything goes perfectly. Definitely a romantic dinner with delicious dishes and the lights shining in the distance, will make the moment unforgettable.


Carriage and champagne. If you are going to ask the big question in spring or autumn you can buy a bottle of champagne, two glasses and then take one of the carriages that walk through the Vieux-Quebec (Old Quebec). Take advantage of a break in front of a square or under one of the gates of the wall to make the delivery of the ring. I do not recommend this option in summer because it is very hot and there are too many people on the streets, and neither is it possible in winter because snow does not allow carriages to pass.


La PlaceRoyale . One of the most beautiful spots in the city is precisely Place Royal. There, in front of the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires temple, you can ask the big question and then go to dinner at one of the cozy restaurants on Rue Saint-Pierre or Petit Champlain, which are very typical in Quebec. .


Tourny Fountain. This fountain is outside the wall, opposite the Hôtel du Parlement . Although this is a point that might seem simpler, the mere fact of having the imposing building behind makes it a symbolic place of destiny.

Dufferin Terrace. This beautiful terrace dates from 1885 and is located directly opposite the Château Frontenac. From there you have a wonderful view of the Lower City and the San Lorenzo River. During the summer it is vibrant and there are good quality street shows, during the winter it is covered in snow and in the autumn the views are painted in ocher and orange tones of the trees in the distance. This is one of the most emblematic places in Quebec and therefore it is also ideal for requesting marriage.


Cable car. This is a slightly crazier idea, because it is about “buying” a round trip for just two; once the doors close you can ask the question and by the time they arrive they will be engaged. The funicular makes the transfer from the Lower City to the Dufferin Terrace.


Orleans Island. This small piece of land in the middle of the San Lorenzo is a charm that you will surely love as a space to wait for the desired “Yes, I accept!”. In the fall it is tinged with oranges, ochres, and reddish tones, and is only about 5 miles from central Quebec. There you will find adorable hotels where you can have an intimate stay that will be the ideal environment to get involved. Obvious that the ideal toast in this case should be with ice cider, which is a sweet and delicious wine that is produced right there.

To get to Quebec you can fly direct from Mexico City to Montreal . Take advantage of the trip to spend a few days in that city that is always entertaining and interesting and then you can go by train to Quebec City, which is the capital of the province of the same name.

The journey by Via Rail from Montreal to Quebec is 3 and a half hours and it is a very comfortable trip because that train has all the services, free wifi and food included if you travel in first class.

Now I can only say “Congratulations on your wedding!”