Por Expedia Team, el September 15, 2016

Pueblos Mágicos cerca del DF para dar el grito

One of the most anticipated celebrations in Mexico has arrived. And as it happens throughout the country, it is a great opportunity to show our pride as Mexicans, we refer of course to Independence Day.

In Mexico City we know that year after year this celebration takes place in the Zócalo, and it is an event full of color, folklore and with representations of national artists. But if on this occasion you want to celebrate it in a slightly different way or at least in another place that is worthwhile and that is not so remote, we present five Magical Towns near Mexico City to give the Scream this coming September 15 .

Magical Towns near Mexico City to cry out – Cholula, Puebla

The Magic Town of San Pedro Cholula is located approximately two hours away on the Mexico-Puebla highway and is one of the most visited in the region due not only to its proximity, but also to the great festive atmosphere that always characterizes it.

Around 10 at night the crowd gathers in the Plaza de la Concordia to listen to some national artist of the moment, and then the traditional Scream is given, ideal for discovering the nightlife.

If you plan to spend part of the holiday weekend in Cholula, you cannot miss some places of interest such as the Temple of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, the Talavera Alarca Museum, the Casa del Caballero Águila, and the Great Pyramid of Cholula .

Cholula, Puebla
Cholula, Puebla

Magical Towns near Mexico City to cry out – Huamantla, Tlaxcala

About two and a half hours away, also on the Mexico-Puebla highway, is the colorful Magic Town of Huamantla, in Tlaxcala.

Here, the celebration of the Cry for Independence is almost as important as the other two festivities that give the town great identity, such as the International Puppet Festival, and of course, the Huamantla Fair.

In the esplanade of the municipal presidency, in addition to witnessing the representation of the Grito de Dolores and demonstrations with fireworks, you can enjoy traditional popular festivals accompanied by rich Mexican cravings.

If time permits, we recommend visiting places such as the Temple and Former Convent of San Luis Obispo, La Malinche National Park, and visiting one of its pulque estates such as Tenexac or Soltepec.

Magical Towns near Mexico City to give the Scream – Metepec, Edo. from Mexico

This is possibly the closest Magic Town to Mexico City , since it is located practically on the outskirts of the city of Toluca, just over an hour away by car.

The appointment to witness El Grito is in Plaza Benito Juárez, a place where there will first be presentations by artists of different genres ranging from mariachi, ranchera, and other popular Mexican music. The great event of the night closes in a spectacular way with the traditional burning of the castle, as well as fireworks.

Among the places of interest worth visiting in Metepec are the Ex Convent and Church of San Juan Bautista, in addition to its artisanal corridors.

Magical Towns near Mexico City to Cry Out – Real del Monte, Hidalgo

The Magical Town of Real del Monte is located just 15 minutes from the state capital, Pachuca, and approximately one hour and forty minutes from Mexico City.

In this small and picturesque town, the celebration of Independence takes place in the Main Square, with the peculiarity that the person in charge of giving “The Scream” does so from the balcony of the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. It is a more welcoming event, but full of much hubbub and folklore.

Magical Towns near Mexico City to Cry Out – Tepoztlán, Morelos

An hour and a half by car, on the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway, is the Magical Town of Tepoztlán, which is located on the slopes of Cerro del Tepozteco.

Tepoztlán, Morelos

The streets of the town are dressed in the traditional colors of green, white and red for much of the month, and the festivities culminate with El Grito taking place on the main esplanade.

Among the places that one cannot miss during a visit to the town are the Ex Convento de la Natividad, El Tepozteco National Park, and its popular market where you can taste rich and varied traditional dishes. There are many tourist places, check these itineraries so you can make the most of your stay.

Whether you decide to drive from Mexico City or stay at a hotel in any of the Magical Towns mentioned, you will have the opportunity to relive one of the moments that have marked us the most in the history of our nation.