Por Expedia Team, el July 12, 2016

Qué hacer en la Ciudad de México en verano

Summer has arrived and although many prefer the beach for vacation, it should not be forgotten that Mexico has towns and cities that are perfect destinations to enjoy, as is the case of the beautiful Mexico City.

The country’s capital has an impressive offer of events, services and attractions at a very good cost or even free, for solo travelers, as a family or as a couple; in addition to international level shows and much more.

Personally, I love spending one or another season a year in Mexico City and some friends and acquaintances are surprised when we mention it, as it is not common for them to consider the former Federal District as a place to vacation.

But my family loves going to Mexico City for many reasons, among them: we can visit historical sites and entertainment centers at a very good price, and as it is considered a business destination, the offers of accommodation for weekends and Holidays are always good, there are excellent restaurants, and the Historic Center is beautiful and I find it getting better every year.

What can you do during a vacation in Mexico City? Today I give you some options.

What to do in Mexico City in summer – Visit the Historic Center.

Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, where you can even take a tour of its domes, see the bells up close and admire the Zocalo from above. There you will learn the history of the bell that was punished for many years and you will be surprised with the odd secret that the property keeps. You must also enter the National Palace to see the Diego Rivera murals and see what was Benito Juárez’s room. Just off to the side is the Templo Mayor, which is worth a whole morning of your time. The entrance to the National Palace is free, you go up to the roof of the Metropolitan Cathedral paying a very cheap ticket and to the Templo Mayor we Mexicans enter for free on Sundays just presenting our INE.

What to do in Mexico City in summer – Two must-see excursions: Teotihuacán and Xochimilco pyramids.

A wonderful experience is to take a hot air balloon ride over Teotihuacán, but if you don’t feel like it, you can do the most common route that includes a visit to the Basilica of Santa María de Guadalupe; while in Xochimilco you will eat, drink some tequilas and buy handicrafts.

What to do in Mexico City in summer – Concerts, opera or dance.

What you can enjoy in a venue such as the Palacio de Bellas Artes, which also usually has interesting exhibitions; Or simply visit it during the day and have a cocktail in its café bar, which is very pleasant.

What to do in Mexico City in summer – Museums.

Go to some of the many that are in the city, such as the Soumaya Museum , the National Museum of Anthropology and the Chapultepec Castle, or if you prefer modern art, you can go to the Jumex Museum .

What to do in Mexico City in summer

Eating rich is also an important part of a great visit to the great Mexico City and for this there are plenty of excellent restaurants in La Condesa, the Historic Center and Polanco. If you want a very typical craving you should go to try the churros in El Moro.

What to do in Mexico City in summer – Go to the theater.

The proposal of shows in the City of Palaces is high-rise, the best in the world. Renovated theaters, with modern technology, top actors, dancers and singers work during the holidays so that visitors and locals have the opportunity to have fun. You will find musical comedy, monologues, classical theater, for children and of all kinds.

As you can see, Mexico City has a lot to offer the visitor and in the summer, don’t wait any longer and plan a fabulous capital experience.