Por Expedia Team, el December 12, 2014

Qué ver en el Mediterráneo

Every time I think of the Mediterranean, a combination of flavors, aromas, textures and colors comes to mind framed in landscapes that seem to be taken from ancient legends. The calm and pure waters of the Mediterranean Sea are part of the Atlantic Ocean and it is almost completely enclosed by the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, Here are connected some of the most fascinating, exciting and beautiful countries in the world including Egypt, Spain, Turkey and Cyprus. Each of the countries with Mediterranean coasts has stories that are attractive and fascinate me, and that you will surely love if you are willing to listen to them.
Although it may be difficult to choose the best options in the Mediterranean, I have chosen four that will make you experience all the greatness of this area.


Turkey is the country where the east and west of the world really meet. As soon as you reach this unique point you will realize that the clash of European and Asian cultures create a surprising combination. Their people will also surprise you and once you meet them, you realize that their fame as a welcoming and sincere town with tourists is more than real. On the Turkish Riviera you will find five-star hotels with landscapes of spectacular beaches.
The history of Turkey is another element that will make you feel attracted to the place. Here some of the greatest ancient civilizations were born, it was home to two of the seven wonders of the ancient worldand the place that fell in love with Cleopatra with its golden beauty and crystal clear waters. Turkey is one of my favorite countries and it is very likely that it will become one of yours.
For safety and comfort, do not worry because you will have all the services of modern society at hand, which will allow you to focus on enjoying the place.


Greece and the Greek islands like Crete and Corfu have an inimitable Mediterranean climate that provides a summer with days of mild warmth and a short, mild winter. Something you will love about Greece are its small fishing villages that have hardly changed for the last hundreds of years and where you can dine in the small restaurants strategically located so you can watch the sunset at sea while enjoying your company, the food and the wine.
The white villages that we like to see so much in photos are scattered along the Mediterranean coast of Greece like pebbles and you can navigate from island to island on a mini-cruise through the Mediterranean, enjoying the different sights, sounds and flavors of each island Greek.


There was a time when the Spanish coast was home to small fishing communities where life and stories revolved around the tides, salt water, and its treasures. Today the Spanish coasts have changed considerably and although you can still find that old spirit, you will also find great resorts. The abundant nightlife, exciting daytime life and activities will keep you busy if you choose to go here. 
Those looking to experience the old way of life in Spain should choose the northern coasts and be impressed by the Mediterranean through Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. Here you can also explore its mountains, rocky caves and deserted beaches.


Last but not least, there is Cyprus. This place is possibly the most spectacular of all the Mediterranean Islands thanks to its extensive kilometers of sand and beach. The two thirds of the south of Cyprus are inhabited by the Greek Cypriots, very nice and lively people. The most popular destinations in this area are Ayia Napa and Paphos with a world famous nightlife and where daily activities of all kinds abound.
Northern Cyprus is just off the impressive Turkish coast and can be perfectly appreciated on clear days. The main spa in this part of the country is Kyrenia, where you can take beautiful shots of the old port, the wonders of the old castle and the old town. After touring the area you can purchase fresh local food and the best Turkish wines.

Well, do you feel inspired to visit the Mediterranean?