Por Expedia Team, el October 26, 2015

Qué ver y hacer en Valencia, España

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. However, this city is growing quite fast and it is easy to find activities to do, delicious places to eat and interesting events. We promise that Valencia will have a surprise for you on every corner. These are the activities that we recommend in Valencia.

Walk in the park

As soon as you start to discover Valencia and its interiors, you will see a long and narrow park wherever you go. Los Jardines del Turia is the only park that runs along the river bank and you can see it from anywhere.
We like the idea of ​​going for a walk in this park but you can also take the bicycle and pedal to the zoo following the water. Do not miss the impressive sculptures, the bridges, the turtles and all the acts that take place throughout the park.
As you walk through the park, take the opportunity to discover the City of Arts and Sciences building with its dancing waterfalls, terraces, indoor and outdoor trees. When you leave you should not forget about the camera because you will surely find more than one view worthy of being photographed.

Drink coffee with milk

Spaniards are known for making several meals throughout the day. While the common thing in the afternoon is to go out for a few beers with friends, in the morning they have small cups with espresso coffee and a touch of milk.
Throughout the city you will find small cafes where locals gather every morning for breakfast. One of the most emblematic cafes is Café El Principito, which is just opposite the central market. Here you can have your coffee at the outdoor tables where you can enjoy your breakfast, the scenery and a good conversation to start the day.

Eat a delicious paella

In addition to Serrano ham and Manchego, paella is an important part of the Spanish culinary tradition. It is a dish that all Spaniards are proud of and was born right in Valencia. This traditional dish is made from risotto and includes plenty of meats, seafood, and sauteed vegetables in a large skillet.
Although it takes several hours to prepare, the flavors of the paella are spectacular and it is served in large portions that will satisfy your appetite. During your tour you will see that all the restaurants fight for the attention of the diners offering original variants with new flavors and combinations. Give yourself time to try all the possible ones and choose your favorite … if you can choose only one!

Visit the Barrio del Carmen

This is an ancient neighborhood that developed between the Muslim and Christian walls. Strolling through its streets will help you understand how these two cultures not only coexisted, but were mixed into one.
As soon as you arrive, you will feel transported to other times in history. Enter its palaces and experience the medieval world or stroll through its most special corners and immerse yourself in the local culture chatting with its inhabitants or taking photographs that will make you remember this magical place.

Enjoy the Valencian sea

You cannot leave Valencia and say that you have met it if you have not taken a tour of the Royal Marina Juan Carlos I. Here you will find emblematic events and buildings. There are also shops and restaurants with incredible views of the beach.
Enjoy the available boardwalks and then eat a paella with a glass of good wine. You will see that later you will not want to leave this wonderful place.

Hotels for everyone

In a city as important as Valencia you will be able to find a large number of central hotels for all budgets. We understand that when traveling from Mexico it can be somewhat complex to find hotels at a good price , but here you will find several very interesting ones.