Por Expedia Team, el December 15, 2014

¿Quién dijo Shopping? Vámonos a Texas

We are in one of the most colorful seasons of the year, between autumn and winter, which for me are the best seasons out there. It is a time full of accessories and layers of clothing, but it is also where discounts, promotions and Christmas begin.

Many of us have the advantage of going on a trip around these dates. Being among the preferred destinations to visit: Texas, the state where everything is bigger, even shopping. Among my favorite cities are San Antonio, Austin and McAllen. Each of these places has its charm and then I recommend some places where, in addition to knowing, you will have the opportunity to make the best purchases of the year.


San Antonio, Texas

There’s nothing better here than the North Star Mall , located a few miles from downtown that is really worth visiting. It has a large number of prestigious shops and many restaurants inside, it is ideal to spend a whole day.

Another good option is to go to San Marcos Outlets where you will find kilometers and kilometers of pure shopping at the best price.

The Rivercenter Mall houses a large number of boutiques and if you stay in the center , you do not have to move much, you can also take a nice walk around the interesting Riverwalk.


Austin, Texas

If I were to choose a place in the world to live, it would certainly be Austin. Being the capital of Texas, it is an imposing destination for those adventurous souls.

The best space for shopping is The Domain , although I am not lying it is a bit complicated to get there but it is so worth it that the complaints will be plenty when you get there. It is a beautiful open-air mall, with a unique architectural design and a great choice of shops.

Another place that you cannot miss is the center of this city, the stores are scattered but usually offer unique things. It is where emerging designers offer their proposals, so you can get very original things at a great price.


McAllen, Texas

It is the best option if the only thing you are looking for is a good shopping . The “La Plaza” shopping center is located a few meters from the airport and has a wide variety of hotels around it, so you can get on the plane, do your shopping, sleep and return home without having to travel. This famous mall has the most popular stores in the United States inside, so you will not want anything.

Although if you are looking to make your money go, 25 minutes you have the option of visiting Mercedes Outlets, where you can find a wide variety of options at wonderful prices.

But what to buy?

Many times we are a little lost and we do not know what it is that we must acquire, since among so many things it is possible to decide on unnecessary things. So if you go sopping , this is what according to me, you should buy:


Coats and thick jackets are the best option to buy when they are put on sale at the end of December, since trends take a couple of years to change, and the cold in Mexico continues until the first months of the year. .

accessoriesAs for accessories, aviator lenses return to the attack, in fact they are a classic that never dies and it is one of the basic accessories that you cannot miss as they will now be more fashionable than ever.

Also the maxi-collars are still super in and are a complement that greatly elevates any outfit .

ShirtAs a more general recommendation, I recommend prints and textures, in my case flowers are my favorites but remember that you can always do mix and match and in Mexico it will be one of the proposals that we will see the most on the streets.

Ankle bootsAs for shoes, a pair of ankle boots is never too much, since in Mexico the weather is crazy and you can use them any day it is cold during the year.

What do you say … do you want to visit Texas ? What is the item that you cannot miss on your shopping list?