Por Expedia Team, el June 29, 2015

Razones para visitar México… y que te harán regresar

In this blog we talk a lot about places that are excellent alternatives to go on vacation. This time I will go further and give you some good reasons to visit Mexico if you haven’t already. Of course, as a Mexican I am proud of my roots and all that my country represents and here I describe to you why once you come, you will not want to leave.

You will have a lot to see and do

All your senses will feel intoxicated with what Mexico has for you. There are people always ready to make you spend a pleasant time, emblematic beaches like those of the Riviera Maya   and exceptional landscapes like Palenque. You will also find cosmopolitan cities like the Federal District or Guadalajara that mix with small magical towns with great history. And let’s not forget about the climates, what do you prefer? It doesn’t matter, in Mexico we have them all: from the arctic to the desert. You choose.

In Mexico you just need to think about what you want and start looking for the best possible alternative. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it: calm, bustle, culture, etc.

It is an economic country

If you come from Europe, the United States and Canada you will appreciate the exchange rate with our currency. This will give you the ability to do a lot with very little money. Take into account that the US dollar is above 12 Mexican pesos and many of the foreign airlines with flights to Mexico have packages that will make your visit even cheaper.
As an additional tip, try to choose the dates of least tourism to facilitate access to super cheap packages. If you are also good at trading, you will be able to buy many souvenirs in the local markets at discounted prices.


Do you know why Mexican food is so varied and rich? Because it is the mixture of the dishes of our ancestral cultures and the spices and recipes that the Spanish brought during the conquest. For this reason it is not surprising that many of our dishes are recognized around the world but if you want to know their true flavor nothing like eating them here: tamales, moles, quesadillas, tacos, etc.

You will find dishes for all tastes. Options rich in fish and seafood, alternatives with goat meat, lamb, pork or the very Mexican turkey. To accompany your meal, don’t forget to order a tequila, beer, mezcal or pulque depending on where you are. Before you get up from the table, try a dessert with traditional Mexican chocolate or typical sweets like palanquetas and dulce de leche.

Holidays and traditions

Mexico is a mix of ideologies, traditions, myths and legends that make us feel proud and fill us with identity. Although some of these festivals are being lost or are mixing with those from other cultures, you cannot miss them. The most important ones are:


I know that in many countries Christmas is celebrated but in none you can sing to the child God, celebrate with punch and end the night (or early morning) with the rooster mass. Even those who are not religious end up following these celebrations and rituals.

Independence Day

Although in the United States it is celebrated on May 5 as the quintessential Mexican holiday, in Mexico that position corresponds to September 16. That day you will witness how we all go out to celebrate our nationalism. No matter where you are, the party is guaranteed. It all starts with a parade in the morning that is followed by the day with family and friends eating Mexican snacks like pambazos, tacos, pozole and whatever is presented.
At night everything begins with the cry of independence that will give the highest authority of the place where you are. It can be the municipal president, governor or president of the republic. After the scream, dinner continues with more Mexican snacks, dancing, alcohol and friends.

Day of the Dead

For Mexicans, family is very important and we always seek to be close, even to those who have left this world. For this reason, on November 1 and 2 we take the time to welcome family and friends at home. It may seem strange or a little grotesque but for us it is cause for celebration. We prepare the altars with photos, the favorite foods of our relatives and some sweets. You can not miss some candles to light the way for our visitors and flowers that we will bring you later.
Don’t be surprised to see families gathered at home telling anecdotes and remembering who has left. These are dates of great disappointment because we undoubtedly resent the lack of our loved ones but we also celebrate their visit.
It all ends on day 2 when we accompany our visitors to the pantheon. There we take their flowers to them, we share some moments with them and later we eat the foods that they first tried.

And good? Are you ready to come and see Mexico? You just need to pack your bags and look for the best hotel in Morelos, Huatulco, Los Cabos or the place you prefer.