Por Expedia Team, el December 22, 2014

Viaja a Jerusalén y conoce la Ciudad Sagrada

Jerusalem remains for many an exotic and distant destination. The Holy Land is full of surprises and represents a special trip. Here you can discover impressive landscapes, lost civilizations and see the pilgrimage of the faithful of three of the most important religions in the world. Read on and discover why Jerusalem is a fascinating tourist destination.
Jerusalem is a city well known for the temples and places of worship that exist in it and for its relationship with the life of Jesus Christ. But the Jewish and Muslim religions also have it as one of the most important landmarks of their spiritual life. This is a place where tradition is so strong that without understanding it you cannot understand the dynamics of the city and its inhabitants.

Three holy places for three major religions

One of the first places you can see is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It is an extremely sacred place for Christianity since it is the site where Jesus was buried after his crucifixion. There is the Chapel of Golgotha, which is a memory of Calvary. The whole place has a breathtaking atmosphere that invades whoever visits it.
If you want to see an important place for Jews, head to the Wailing Wall. This is the most sacred place for Jews, who feel a very strong connection and a great desire to visit it. So much so that even technology has been used to achieve this goal with live cameras that transmit via the internet.. The Wailing Wall is the ruins of the temple built by Herod on top of the ruins of the temple previously built by King Solomon.
For the Islamic religion, the Dome of the Rock is its sacred place. This is a really beautiful monument with a spectacular golden hue that impresses all its panoramic views, especially when viewed from the Mount of Olives. Muslims believe that the stone inside it is the one used by the prophet Muhammad to ascend to heaven.

Arrival, accommodation and life in Jerusalem

The best alternative to get to Jerusalem is to take a flight to Tel Aviv. A good recommendation is that you learn some of the most common signs because at the airport almost nothing is in English. Since you are in Tel Aviv you can take a taxi to Jerusalem but do not get on the first one you find, it is best to act as if you know the place and the prices. Seeing that you are a foreigner is likely to want to charge some NIS $ 200 or more when the normal price does not exceed NIS $ 80.
You don’t have to worry much about the accommodation, as there are hotels for all tastes. It would be advisable to make reservations in advance to compare prices, choose the location that you like the most and the amenities that are essential.
You will discover that in Jerusalem your place of origin does not really matter but that the differences are based on the religion you practice so the first question you will hear is “What is your religion?”. It is important that you do not take it badly or as a matter of controversy, your interlocutors will want to know it to know how to treat you and avoid any type of discomfort.
During your stay in the Holy City, keep an open mind. This will allow you to discover and better understand the three religions and will give you the opportunity to learn about very different points of view.